Omatech team with long experience in the industry, we support customers to create custom Dapps with the level of completion in a short time and the lowest cost for our customers.



DApps with variety of blockchain features and tools

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With experience in blockchain dapp development, Oamtech provides to users through the products. It can be seen that the Omatech team is constantly improving in its expertise to serve users and create quality products that strengthen the brand name of Omatech, a provider of Web 3-related project initiation services.


It can be said that Dapp is a big step in the development trend of Blockchain. With Smart Contract, users can create Dapps to serve their needs or, furthermore, serve the community, thereby bringing in significant profits.


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Benefits of dapp development


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How we work in project delivery

Customer's request
Collecting information and requests from customers
Research and offer solutions to suit customers' requirements
Discuss with customers to finalize the implementation plan
Plan the implementation
Design the interface following the requirements and purposes of the business (if necessary)
Deploy the MVP version
Conduct interface development programming as required (if any)
Deployment of related applications of the product
Release of MVP
The Omatech team constantly sits down to update customer requirements and find problems that need to be resolved
Make additional plans for product development and system operation
Development and Operation
Develop new features according to customer requirements
Support customers to update new versions
Monitor and fix bugs (if any)
Participating in the operation and management of deployed server infrastructure


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Frequently asked questions

How may blockchain applications benefit my company?

Your company may interact with customers more efficiently and dependably with a specialized blockchain application. Process transparency is guaranteed, data traceability is improved, and workflow security is consequently improved overall.

Is blockchain relevant to my company?

In the modern world, blockchain benefits every industry. Before beginning the project, we will examine if blockchain can be utilized for your business based on the business circumstances and demands in order to be certain and allay your concerns your.

What is the price of creating a blockchain application?

Costs will be calculated separately for each specific project. You can refer to our demo projects and select the necessary features or suggest additional features to get a specific quote for the project.

When should a blockchain application be launched?

Omatech can create blockchain applications and launch your MVP in less than 90 days.

Do you have the ability to build a blockchain application on top of my current tools, systems, and ERP?

Of course! The current tendency is to create applications using blockchain technology to stay up with modernisation. If the technical issues with your current system permit, we will examine them and put them into use.

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