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Blockchain technology (Blockchain) appeared at the beginning of the 4.0 technology revolution wave, which is the key to opening a new trend for finance – banking, logistics, electronics and telecommunications, and accounting. Audit,…Improve data transparency and security, considered the future information technology platform.




From a technical perspective, to put it simply, Blockchain is like a new data storage technology instead of traditional storage types. So what’s new with Blockchain? What advantages does it have over old data storage platforms?

01. Decentralization

The first advantage of blockchain technology is decentralization. Unlike traditional storage technologies, where data is stored centrally on one or a few servers, Blockchain saves and replicates data on many devices. Because of this feature, the data will always be guaranteed at the highest level of stability, accessible anywhere, anytime, regardless of an individual or an organization that governs this data.

02. High security

The second outstanding feature of Blockchain is its high security. Also derived from the first feature, decentralization, the network participants will authenticate the data stored on the Blockchain using a highly secure encryption mechanism (called the consensus mechanism). Agree). With this mechanism, data cannot be tampered with and cannot be manually interfered with at the will of one or a few individuals. Data on the Blockchain can only be added sequentially and cannot be modified after it has been stored. The entire data storage history is also saved on the Blockchain. These strict security mechanisms make Blockchain a secure, safe technology.

03. Transparency

The third essential characteristic of Blockchain is transparency. The parties involved can access data stored on the Blockchain.




Thus, with the three outstanding advantages mentioned above, blockchain technology will open up potential applications for many fields, such as finance and banking, retail, freight, manufacturing, telecommunications, etc. Blockchain application in life will bring tangible benefits to the community and society. Below we look at how blockchain applications are in different fields.



Applying Blockchain’s indestructible and indestructible characteristics to the manufacturing industry will help consumers trace the origin of the product being offered for sale.

Manufacturers can make statistics and store the total number of products sold on the market and how many products are still in stock.

In the medical field

When patients go to the doctor or get tested, all their results will be stored using blockchain application technology, which will help patients keep all their information and test scores confidential. In addition, it also helps patients reduce the cost of re-testing when going to new hospitals and assists new patients place to access their medical history, treatment regimen, or side effects with the patient’s previous medications. This will help to diagnose the patient better.


Applying Blockchain technology helps to manage certificates and degrees of universities or vocational training institutions in particular if Blockchain technology is used, contributing to the transparency of student records. Such as helping employers efficiently trace the origin of training institutions or the learning process of candidates from low to high.

Financial industry

The peer-to-peer money transfer project using blockchain technology is part of an effort to provide safe, high-security financial services at low costs. In this area, big banks are being left far behind by rivals. Smaller player. Blockchain is seen as a way to cut the cost and time of clearing interbank transactions,


With Blockchain technology, businesses can when signing smart contracts and offer payment solutions. From here can easily do business and cooperate with many domestic and foreign enterprises in a shorter time and with more straightforward procedures.




Omatech can turn your ideas into actual products with innovation and quality differences at a reasonable cost and time. Established in 2017 with just over five members, Omatech has become one of the leading companies applying Blockchain and Web3 technology. Helping businesses and startups develop blockchain applications user-friendly.
Many successful projects come from many industries with many years of experience in the industry. Omatech’s vision is to become a leading company providing high-tech services applying Blockchain and Web3 technology.


The workflow at Omatech Web3 for a project is done according to the following steps:


  • Communicate with customers to understand their needs
  • Proposing implementation, providing solutions and quotes to customers
  • Implement the project
  • Customers test and give suggestions for the company to edit
  • Perfection based on customer feedback
  • Handing over products to customers
  • Guide customers to use and send documents


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