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Blockchain development platform – Opportunity to transform business model


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The evolving blockchain technology brings innovations in business. The suitability of this technology in many different fields has been recognized by experts. This will be an opportunity for companies and business people to take advantage of to solve business challenges. The application efficiency is very high, helping to solve many problems. To be able to develop as desired, the blockchain development platform will be what you need to learn.

Learn the knowledge about blockchain development platform

How is blockchain development platform understood?

Blockchain is a decentralized database that stores information in blocks of information. They are linked together by encryption and extend over time. Each block of information contains an initialization time and is linked to the previous block, along with a timecode and transaction data. Blockchain is designed to resist the change of data.

Blockchain technology is suitable for event recording, medical records, transaction processing, notarization, identity and proof of origin. This has the potential to help undo the massive consequences of data being altered in the context of global trade.

Blockchain development platform is a unique way to implement a complete database management system. It includes storing information, performing functions, executing transactions and most importantly establishing trust in an open environment in a more secure and efficient manner. This also helps businesses grow stronger. 

The foundation is very important in development

The blockchain development platform applies to businesses today

To be able to use blockchain, it is extremely important to apply the blockchain development platform. Currently, with modern development, many platforms are focused on by businesses. If you are interested in this technology, you can also rely on the platforms introduced below:

Ethereum – The most popular platform today

For those who have learned about this field, Ethereum has become quite familiar. This platform has created a lot of buzz in the market since its launch. It is considered to be very active in all activities. 

Besides also building a large online support community with regular product improvements. To create custom smart contracts, Ethereum is indispensable.

There are many things that you can discover on this platform. First, Ethereum focuses on multi-industry, multi-field so there is no limit.

The administrators of this platform are Ethereum developers. And especially it has a built-in smart contract feature. If you are looking for a platform to develop strong blockchain technology, you should not ignore Ethereum. 

Currently the ethereum platform is very popular

Stellar Blockchain Platform Application

Stellar will help businesses in building smart devices, banking tools or mobile wallets. The platform helps facilitate cross-asset value transfers. At the same time, it also supports exchanges between cryptocurrencies – fiat-based money.

Stellar is open source so when it comes to currency payments it will support all forms of money. 

In which you can choose to use US dollars, Bitcoin, Peso, etc. Because of this advantage, users can create, send and transact seamlessly, without fear of interruption.

The blockchain development platform focuses primarily on the financial services industry. The administrator is the Stellar Development Foundation. Also equipped with a smart contract function. 

Besides, there is a type of ledger in both public and private forms. This platform supports blockchain development very well, so it is also chosen by many people.

OpenChain Platform

If you are looking for a highly secure platform? Or a scalable platform for digital asset management. OpenChain is an extremely effective solution. Unlike some of the platforms that came before it. 

Blockchain has only appeared in the last few years, it is considered new. Because it is new, it is not known by many people, but the level of development is better than other platforms.

Why say Openchain has stronger development? That’s because it works on the strange algorithm “Partitioned Consensus”. Very few platforms work on this platform. However, an instance will only have a single authority to validate transactions. But this also provides a more efficient change than other platforms.

The industry in which Openchain operates is digital asset management. 

As shared, it applies the consensus algorithm which is partition consensus. The administrator of Openchain is the Linux Foundation. Besides this platform also has smart contract function and is allowed to use ledger type. 

Blockchain development platform Dragonchain

Dragonchain is now also familiar to businesses. Because this is a platform designed specifically for them. It provides the easiest to use and most flexible tools for blockchain application development. 

Smart contracts also rely on this platform to increase service very quickly. The platform supports several additional programming languages such as Node.js, Python, Java, C# and Go.

Dragonchain does not focus on one area but focuses on many different industries. Context-based verified consensus algorithm with 5 consensus levels. The administrator is Dragonchain Foundation. There is more smart contract functionality and public, private ledger along with hybrids. 

Hyperledger Iroha Platform

Hyperledger Iroha is a relatively simple blockchain platform that is also widely used in the field. The main purpose is to use for digital asset management, identity and serial data.

It is one of the one stop solutions for building reliable, secure and fast decentralized applications. The development platform is based on a consensus algorithm called Yet Another Consensus. Besides, an advantage that many businesses love is high security and fast protection of the Iroha network from rival nodes.

In addition, Hyperledger Iroha also provides a modular architecture. The support platform maintains transparency during development and also uses smart contracts. Hyperledger Iroha can be used for many different disciplines and fields. The consensus algorithm used is chain-based Byzantine Fault Tolerant

The administrator is the Linux Foundation, which has smart contract functionality. Ledger type is also allowed. 

Hyperledger Iroha Platform brings many advantages

Criteria for choosing blockchain development platform

It is not only based on the opinions of the reviewers that can choose the platform. You have to rely on a process of learning about the advantages and what it can offer to blockchain. 

Before making a decision on choosing the best blockchain platform for your business, there are a few things to consider. First, see if the information structure fits what you’re aiming for. You have to choose the most suitable platform to get the desired results. Next comes the scalability and throughput of different platforms. The application acceptance rate is also essential when researching and choosing it.

Requires it to have experience to develop. You need to consider the availability of developer tools to enhance their experience. Choose platforms that have bug bounty or incentive programs available. 

It is important to mention the various Blockchain platforms that have been chosen by many businesses. Not following the masses is going to get a good foundation. What matters is whether it is suitable for applying blockchain technology to your business. 

Making a more informed decision when choosing an effective blockchain platform needs to be based on these factors. Because it is the basic thing that a blockchain development platform needs to have.

Blockchain development platform offers opportunities for businesses to develop better. Therefore, investing in platforms is extremely necessary. Developers who are well versed in these platforms will be very helpful in helping their businesses thrive.

Blockchain is a solution that many famous businesses and companies apply. It supports an extremely effective security assurance function. Therefore, any business person when doing business needs to learn more about the blockchain development platform.

Above is some information to share so that you can gain more understanding as well as have the best choice with platforms for blockchain. Hopefully these will be the business knowledge that will help you gain more development experience.