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Custom development vs packaged software: Which is better for businesses?


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As information technology develops strongly, the software offered is increasingly diverse. Depending on the requirements and requirements of each person, choosing and using the appropriate software becomes easier. In particular, businesses have extremely diverse software needs. Custom development vs packaged software: Which is better for businesses? Join us to find the answer in this article!

Custom development vs packaged software: Which is better for businesses?

The short answer for you is:

Start-ups and small businesses should choose packaged software. Businesses now need to save time and money. The system to be managed has not yet expanded. Using packaged software is the safest and best solution.

Custom development vs packaged software

For larger businesses, they are required to use custom development software to get the most out of it. Their system needs to be managed more closely and solve more problems. They can also customize anytime needed.

To see more clearly which software your business should choose. Stay tuned for the following sections.

Using custom development software

Custom software is a specific program. It is designed specifically for corporate or business services.

It’s almost like “packaged” software. But the difference is that it allows editing directly on the software according to the specific requirements of the business. At the same time, editing and upgrading can still continue during the use of the software.

Therefore, customized software has a higher cost but is more responsive than “packaged” software.

Custom software is a specific program

Pros of custom development software

  • It is built and designed specifically for your company and business. It meets all your needs. At the same time you don’t need to worry about whether it fits the feature you need or not.
  • You will save a lot of money. Because you don’t have to pay extra for features you don’t need and don’t use. This software is designed with the features you need.
  • You can customize any tool or feature you want. You can perform elimination or change any tool in the software. It is fully adjustable while in use.
  • You can tailor custom software that integrates many tools to suit your intended use.
  • Specialized support helps to solve problems while using.

Cons of custom development software

  • The upfront cost is high because it is custom software. And it’s designed to serve your own purposes.
  • It takes time to design and put custom software into operation.
  • There are usually no demos available to use first as they are custom software.

Using packaged software

Packaged software is a complete software product. They are trademarked and mass-produced to supply to the market. It was created by computer technicians.

Packaged software cannot be customized even if requested by the user. They are quite limited in features and usually stay what the developer builds.

Packaged software cannot be customized even if requested by the user

Packaged software is software that makes something very specific. Or has a very high generality so that it can be sold in extremely large quantities. It does not depend on any particular business.

Packaged software development costs are spread across tens of thousands of customers. Therefore, the price of packaged software products is usually cheap. They are constantly evolving so the quality is usually very high.

Pros of packaged software

  • Packaged software can be deployed in a short time. Because they are pre-written and easy to use.
  • The initial cost that you have to spend to buy this software is also low. Because so many people buy the same design.
  • Businesses can experience this software before buying. Because it’s already written and ready to go.
  • There are many reviews due to this product being sold in mass. So you can consult many people before making a decision.

Cons of packaged software

  • Packaged software has no flexibility. You cannot adjust it as the need arises. You may only use the tools and features the seller provides.
  • Lack of control. Because it’s generic software, you can’t take control and decide on the software.
  • Expensive upgrades. However, it costs you little the first time. But to upgrade the necessary features you will have to spend more money.
  • Lack of support. The software vendor cannot support the thousands of people who buy the product. So when you have software problems. It will be difficult to get support.

What is the difference between custom development vs packaged software?

Both of these software have quite a lot of differences:

Custom development vs packaged software have many differences
  • Packaged software consists of a group of programs that can provide different tools. But custom software is a specific program. It is specifically designed to serve a specific purpose
  • The cost of packaged software is lower than the cost of custom software
  • Custom software can customize features and tools according to user requirements. Packaged software can’t.
  • Packaged software is easier to use due to its simple interface
  • Packaged software is always available and quickly installed. But custom software will take some time to design and install

Any business needs management software that meets their requirements. To make your business run better, choose the right software that works. Custom development vs packaged software: Which is better for businesses?

We have shared with you the correct answer. Hopefully, through the above article, you can choose the right software for your business.