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Custom software development definition and everything you need to know


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Custom software development is a crucial process to increase your company’s productivity. This process includes every step in building a software application. Compared to traditional software, custom software is designed to meet users’ requirements better. If you already know the custom software development definition, read on to learn more about its requirement.

The difference between custom software and off-the-shelf software

Off-the-shelf software comes as a packaged software application for a group of users with different needs. Microsoft Word is a great example of this type of software as it is designed for everyone to use. It also meets the diverse needs of its users. However, it is not capable of catering to a specific group or need.

Meanwhile, custom software development has its product’s development and release tailored to a single company or business. That means your company’s software application would be used only by the owners and staff in the company or by anyone in a specific department. The software is designed to work only for your business, with its infrastructure, branding and implementation needs.

Understand the needs of your business is a must

The advantages of custom software development

Understanding custom software development meaning is not enough, you also need to know its benefits to know why it’s necessary and important. Obviously custom software provides features that off-the-shelf software doesn’t. Also, when an application is designed with your business’s needs in mind, your company’s productivity will reach an increased level.

If you are looking to increase productivity for your company or organization, or you want an application that addresses an internal need, you will need a custom software for increased efficiency. It’s definitely a wise investment.

The disadvantages of custom software development

Of course, you should expect some cons of custom software. The most obvious one is the cost. If you have looked into the cost of an off-the-shelf software application, it will be less than $100. The specific number would depend on the type of product. 

On the other hand, the process of designing and creating a customized software requires many different resources. Therefore, it costs more than traditional ones. Not to mention, there will be some other costs associated with the development process. And the combination of these amounts can reach a really high figure.

Another reason why custom software is more expensive is because it is created exclusively for your company. Meanwhile, off-the-shelf-software is distributed to many users, so is the cost.

As a manager, you should also be aware of the risks associated with custom software. That’s why not only should you understand your company’s needs, but you should also be able to describe how you want the product to address those needs.

A custom software costs more than an off-the-shelf one

Besides, some businesses might have more or want to change their requirements for the software during the development process, which adds more costs and time. So before starting the project, it’s better to list out your custom software development requirement and consider them carefully. 

What should you do to develop custom software?

  1. Understand your current process and future needs

It’s important to define your process, expectations and your measurement of success before building your customized software. The key is that you don’t make assumptions, instead, you should ask experts about the subjects, run some tests if possible, consider feedback, etc.. 

  1. Choose the right people for the work

Obviously you don’t want to hire a person or a team without any experience in custom software development to build one for your business. In case you don’t have an internal IT team, you can  hire a freelancer or a software development company. 

Using your own IT team can reduce the cost, however, your tech personnel may not be trained or experienced in development. So the better option that most businesses opt for is outsourcing this process as they can work with teams that have successfully designed other customer software. It’s also a good idea to look for some companies that specialize in products for your industry.

  1. Make a realistic plan

Make a proper plan for your project and create a road map for it to keep the project on track. Keep in mind that a complex workflow won’t be useful. Each step should be completed at a certain time and budget amount so you can review the work and make any changes if you want.

  1. Conduct appropriate testing and document the process

Testing the product before implementing it to your entire business is always a good idea. Once everything is working perfectly, you can document the entire process. These documents include people who are responsible for each step, a test plan and checklist, a statement of scope, an implementation plan as well as a training plan.

There are a lot of things to do with custom software development. If you think your team is not capable of doing it, you should hire a reliable company that is dedicated to this subject to handle the job. However, don’t just pick the cheapest company. You should opt for one that best meets your needs like Omatech. Our services will help you create a perfect customized software and solve specific problems for your business.