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Discover emerging trends in the future of custom software development


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Technology has not only changed the way we communicate, exchange information, and communicate. It also creates jobs in fields we can’t even imagine. This field has never stopped but it will go even further in the future. So let’s find out what are the trends in the future of custom software development

Diverse trends for business people to choose from

What is the future of custom software development?

Software development is considered a job that plays a huge role in economic and social development. It is the translation of a customer need or marketing goal into a software product. Includes software engineering processes combined with targeted marketing research.

From there developed popular custom software products. In other words, application development refers to a set of computer activities. This activity is dedicated to software initialization, implementation, design, and support.

The future of custom software development are suggestions for future development. Those will be the top-notch software that brings many benefits to businesses or individuals.

Custom software development stages

Whether in the present or in the future, when developing a custom software needs to go through many stages. Those are the basic elements to succeed in building the most suitable software. When you want to develop software you need to go through the following stages:

  • Identify the problem: You must define what the problem is before you can solve it.
  • Build, collect requirements: Once the problem is clear, determine the user’s needs: How much do they want to solve the problem? How are the details? ..v.v
  • Make a plan: Because there is so much to do, you have to plan carefully if you don’t want it all to be “just an idea”.
  • High-level design: Once you’ve defined the problem, you need to choose the tools you need to execute, the key steps to take, and an overview of the work that needs to be done. .
  • Detailed design: Once you have a rough idea of ​​the framework, it’s time to tackle each problem in detail, because the same desire, but different ways of doing it. .
  • Code and debug: Once you know what you have to do specifically, start coding. This is the most specific part that we usually do, so it is often misunderstood that software development is just… writing code.
  • Software testing: Nothing is perfect, so there is no software without bugs. Please check that the software can work properly.
  • System consolidation: If the software is very large and needs to be divided into small modules to be parallelized by many people, it must be merged into a unified whole.
  • System maintenance: Perfect people also get sick from time to time, so does software, it also needs regular maintenance and care. 
The development process has many stages

The trends of future of custom software development

What if you develop a custom software that doesn’t follow the trend? Surely it will be used by few people. Because the mentality of most people is always chasing new things. Especially in the future there will be many big changes in the economy as well as human needs. That’s why the trends of the future of custom software development are essential.

Big Data development trend

In every field, data is king but at the same time a giant. Businesses are collecting huge amounts of data. But there are still many companies that are procrastinating in organizing this resource in a practical way. There is a growing demand for positions such as data analyst, computer systems analyst, and data scientist.

In addition, the creation of new jobs makes data background an essential skill for those working in the information technology sector. Programming language is not important here but most companies are using Python, Scala, or Java when building/processing big data. You can rely on it to develop more custom software with great anticipation in the future with many benefits. 

Analysis of big data is beneficial for development

Cloud development trend

With new devices, users are always prompted to opt into some form of cloud storage. Even if it’s iCloud, OneDrive, Google Drive, or Dropbox. Cloud computing has become a hot topic in enterprises. Through cloud storage, staffing demand for more data analysts and security professionals becomes stronger. This tool makes us feel that with the rise of mobile devices. All customers will access content without borders between devices for work or personal needs.

As the cloud becomes mainstream for businesses, there will be a greater need for tech workers in the field of computing that also secures the cloud. Amazon is still the leader in enterprise cloud computing. It contributes to creating employment trends for engineers in this field. This is an essential human need, so it will become a trend that business people should not ignore. 

Blockchain is becoming the top trend

Many companies desperately need Blockchain’s support in running ads. Blockchain brings many changes out of control. This is a future trend that has been noticed by many business people. This technology offers incredible growth potential.

The use of smart contracts included in Blockchain is becoming a trend to be explored a lot. Smart contracts will assist in automating the transaction flow. In addition, it brings many new benefits to many fields in the future.

Blockchain is a popular trend in the future

Developing DevOps in the future

Bridging the technology gap in manufacturing businesses with DevOps development. Businesses have tried to bridge the gap between developers and many operations. The goal is to help serve customers better.

Traditionally, once software is developed with users in mind, the way it works can be disappointing to customers. For an enterprise, the coordination between the system development department and the IT infrastructure users is important. It can help narrow the manufacturing process from concept to delivery.

In fact, businesses have not yet implemented a DevOps strategy. Of which, 79% of them plan to implement in the future. With such rapid and widespread adoption. The demand for DevOps engineers is on the rise. Opportunities can come to developers equipped with Ruby or Python (or any modern scripting language). At the same time it is also the tools and technology to manage or monitor the cloud. The purpose of this development is to be able to help people’s resumes to the top of employers.

User Interface Engineer Development

Front-end development is just as important as back-end. Top businesses will need user interface engineers. The goal is to be able to help them create a visual and consumer-centric view of mobile and web apps.

Whether for business or user applications. User interface engineers are tasked with building a seamless experience. The object is for end users with the designers.

This trend will become especially indispensable to corporate structure. It creates enterprise applications, software and mobile applications. Building software can take many different ways but the central requirement of this job is always to be intuitive and user-friendly, and that is the job of an interface engineer.

Because of the high demand, it also became trends in the future of custom software development. Business people need to focus on this trend more in the future. It will help your software reach more potential customers.

The future of custom software development following the new trend will be what a business person needs to learn. There are many trends in there, so you need to focus on the strengths of each. Keeping up with trends is the best way to meet customer needs. We can see this as an important factor that should not be overlooked.