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Discover web app development process for business people


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Web app development is becoming the trend of many business people today. This brings a lot of benefits to socio-economic development. To get a complete product, the web app development process is very important. You can rely on stages in the process to complete your project. Therefore, this will be the information that anyone in this field should not ignore. 

Discover information about web app development process

Outline the requirements and goals of the web app

In the process of web application development, this first stage cannot be skipped. It helps you define what you are going to do and what the final product will look like.

Discuss with your workgroup and come up with specific needs. If the demand is not realistic, it will not be successful. And also have to come up with specific plans. The project will take place over a long period of time. People expect what the outcome will be.

You can find out more with the help of experts. They will give you sincere suggestions and advice. In this first stage you should also invest a lot of time. Because it’s like a foundational step. Without a foundation, the content would not be complete.

Outline relevant content in the development phase

Provide targeted analysis

To make your app idea tangible, you need to define it in technical terms. Business people also give the desire to serve the customer. And what is the target market?

Think about how you want your app to be profitable. You can ask your users to pay to install apps, monetize ads, or make in-app purchases. Think about this before going into the design.

In it, you should also check who your competitors are, are they really strong. And what characteristics must your product have to eliminate those competitors.

Analyze specific goals for easy management. You need to give an outline of the work to be done. Determine how your product will feature and function.

Pay attention to user feedback by answering a few questions. What do customers expect and dislike from an app like yours? What improvements do they suggest? With these questions in mind, your app can absorb all the best available on the market. At the same time it also takes a first step by offering a thoughtful solution.

Finally, you must agree on ideas and divide tasks for each person. Summarize analysis ideas in one document to get the work done. 

Project cost and crisis forecasting

With the web app development process, you must not skip this stage. Although it sounds very simple, this step is also very important. You have to offer the best price, not too much and not too much.

In fact, if you don’t calculate how much investment each stage needs when implementing the project, it will be very complicated. This way you can both save money and get the job done right. If you do not do this, there will be times when you will not notice and invest too much money. This leads to a lack of funds to complete the project.

Besides, during the implementation of the project, there will be some crisis risks. Business people need to come up with some plans and solutions. So that when you are unlucky to encounter that situation, there will be a solution. This saves both time and money. 

Software architecture design phase

This is a very important step, it is the content of the web app. Try to recreate your own vision of the future app first. You can do it on paper, by drawing the main frames of the application. Then highlight the necessary information about button actions and animations.

But for more convenience and efficiency, you can use a simple prototyping software design aid. It does not require any code knowledge. All you need to do is drag and drop pre-made UI elements onto your application’s virtual mock-up. Since it’s also possible to specify actions for navigation and transition elements, you can even interact with your app prototype and see it live.

However, that’s just a sketch of your software. Going into the real design has to rely on architects and software developers. Because in this step, it is necessary to complete the content, if there are mistakes, you will have to start over. When fully understanding the requirements of the project and having a thorough discussion with the designers as well as application developers, ask for the support of experts.

All the effort spent will be lost when returning to the original starting line. This not only wastes time, slows down the release progress of the project, but also wastes both human and financial resources.

During the design phase user interface designers, web developers, analysts, and clients will make contributions. They will discuss and decide on initial ideas for the design and color scheme of the interface. The developers do this by listing the functionality required in the web-app according to the customer’s needs.

Coming first to web developers who will design wireframes and mockups then moving on to Frontend developers and UX designers. Backend development is the final step in web-app development. It includes managing services on the backend, handling databases, managing sessions, creating security for web applications, developing APIs. 

The design step is also very important

Web app testing phase

Testing is one of the important steps in web-app development. Because any software that has been developed to perfection, there will still be bugs. Rigorous testing will ensure your web-app is as error-free as possible and safe to use.

You can test manually and test automatically. Manual testing is a form of software testing. In which, testing operations are performed manually by the QA Analyst with the aim of finding errors in the software under development.

Automated testing is the process by which testers automate the execution of a test case. You will use Test Automation tools to do it. This step must select high-quality tools and many advantages.

Compulsory product testing

Bringing products to market

After going through many stages and appraisals from customers, your Web application has been successfully completed and is ready for users. Several media methods can be relied upon to advertise a product.

However, this step is still not the most complete. You will have to wait for customer feedback. Then continue to edit to make the product more perfect.

Another issue of concern at this stage is the right timing. You should consider choosing the time to bring the product to market to achieve the highest profit. Because the time is not always right.

Maintain and upgrade web app

The final step in the process of web application development is maintenance. In the process of using the product, it is inevitable that there will be customer feedback or errors that need to be corrected and improved.

Therefore, right from the beginning of planning the web-app design process, do not forget to anticipate this issue. At the same time, you also need to include in your plan enough time to maintain the web app to get the most complete view. 

Web application development has never been so simple. Therefore, it takes investment, time, effort and capital. To complete a project requires a web app development process. Apply the stages in it to get a quality product that is most accepted by customers.