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Everything you need to know about mobile app development tools


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In the emerging world today, mobile phones play an important role in communication, entertainment, leisure, and businesses. These devices have become irreplaceable, resulting in the growth of mobile app development.  If you know how to take advantage of this popularity, you can increase the success rate of your business. To do it, you need to know which mobile app development tools you should use.

Why do you need mobile app development tools?

Before looking for the top 3 mobile app development tools or top 5 mobile application development tools in the market, you need to know what these tools are. As we have mentioned, mobile devices have become popular, as well as applications installed in them. These smartphone apps need to be developed using mobile app development tools.

There are many tools for app development

Mobile app development tools are the tools used in the process of developing application software. The better the tools you use, the more seamlessly your apps run on mobile devices. The two leading platforms for mobile app development are iOS and Android. That’s why most mobile app development tools in the market are dedicated to them.  

However, the best tools in the top 10 mobile app development tools aren’t necessarily the best ones for your business’s needs. Because it’s about your preferences and choices. Some developers need simple tools with basic functions because they are easy to work with and their apps don’t require a lot of features. Others need advanced tools to build their apps with high-end functions.

Different types of mobile app development tools

There are different types of development tools in the market. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose the right one among these options:

Open source development tools 

Mobile application development tools that are open source are the most attractive tools for developers because they are free to use. Besides, you can also use them for white labeling apps.

The cost of the mobile app development process is not low, so why don’t you take advantage of these free tools?

It sounds like a simple solution, however, open-source mobile app development tools have drawbacks. They often come with a steeper learning curve compared to paid ones. It’s better to learn more about them if you have time. 

If you are looking for open-source mobile app development tools, you will have these options: Framework 7, Ionic, jQuery Mobile, and more.

Cross-platform and Hybrid development tools

You can choose the right tool based on your needs

It’s always helpful to have your apps run well on multiple platforms. These cross-platform tools allow you to create an app with support for multiple mobile platforms without the need of developing multiple codebases.

These apps run on different platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows, etc. Here are some cross-platform supporting hybrid mobile app development tools that you can choose from:  BuildFire, Xamarin, Corona Labs, Unity, Kendo UI, etc…

Native mobile app development tools

Native mobile app development tools are used to create apps that interact with only one specific operating system. That means these apps can take advantage of all the software and features built into that platform. Some native mobile app dev tools are  Fastlane, CocoaPods, Screenhero, Sip, Zeplin.

Other app development tools

Besides, there are some other tools that offer a quick development process. You don’t even need to know how to code, which is extremely useful for beginners. These tools can develop apps that can perform “good enough” functions. 

These apps don’t look beautiful or come with advanced features, but if you just need to create a simple app, they can do the job. Appcelerator and Alpha Anywhere are the tools you need to create these cheap apps.

Furthermore, there are some tools that are extremely easy to use such as BuildFire and EachScape. They are basically drag-and-drop editors for creating an app. You can start with them for free, without any coding knowledge required. However, if you want to publish your app, you need to pay. These tools are perfect to use for practice. 

As you can see, there are plenty of tools for the mobile app development process. They come with different prices, usability, features, complexity, and others. Before choosing a tool to create your app, you need to have a proper plan. Which platform is your app going to be published on? How much do you want to pay for the development process? Do you have an experienced development team? By answering these questions, you will know exactly which tools you can start with.  

Hopefully, you have found a great option when it comes to mobile app development tools. However, choosing a tool, building an app can be confusing and time-consuming. Therefore, if you want to be hassle-free, hire a reliable development company to do the job. Omatech can help you save your time and energy to build an app for your business. Check us out!