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Everything you need to know about web app development Python


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So, you have heard about web app development with Python or you want to develop an app using this programming language but don’t know where to start yet? In this article, you will learn basic and useful information about web app development Python. Let’s check it out!

What is a web app development with Python?

For those who don’t know, Python is a popular programming language that you can use when developing your own app. Each web application has its platform-independent and can be run by anyone who has access to the Internet. Python has been used for many large web applications. In fact, this language is a common choice as a back-end language. Many Python-driven web applications are planned as web applications from the beginning and they are built using Python web frameworks.

Python is a popular programming language

With that said, web app development using Python means you are creating a useful script with Python, making it accessible to users, refactoring it into a web application, and then deploying it to the Internet.

Here is something you can learn about web app development in Python. Websites used to have the same content that they had fixed for every user who accessed the web pages. Because the content remains the same when users interact with them, they are also called static. When serving a static web page, a web server sends back the content of that page in response to your request, no matter who you are or what other actions you took.

Obviously, those static websites don’t have their content generated by code so they aren’t considered applications. Python-driven web applications are those web apps that use Python code to determine the actions they should take and the content they need to show. The code is run by the web server that hosts your website. One good thing about web app development Python is that users don’t need to install anything. All they need is a browser and an Internet connection.

However, it can be complicated to get Python to run on a website, but if you choose the right web frameworks, this can be well taken care of.

Advantages of web applications development in Python

If you still have any doubt about web app development with Python, here are the reasons why you should use this language for your web app:

Python is easy to learn

As mentioned earlier, Python is one of the most popular languages for beginners. Even though you didn’t know about this programming language before, it won’t take a lot of time for you to get used to it. Python relies on common expressions and whitespace, so you can write less code, unlike some other languages like Java or C++. In addition, it has a lower barrier of entry as it is more similar to your everyday language, which means everyone could easily understand the code.

It’s easy and quick to learn Python

Python has a rich ecosystem and libraries

If you choose Python as your programming language, you will realize that it has a vast range of library tools and packages. So you will be able to access much pre-written code and streamlining your application development time. For instance, you can access Pygal for charting, Numpy and Pandas for mathematical analysis, and SQLALchemy for composable queries. Besides, this language comes with amazing web frameworks such as Django and Flask.

Python has fast prototyping

As this programming language takes less time to build your web app, you will see your ideas come to life in a blink of an eye. That also means you could collect feedback and iterate quickly. If you are a startup, you will enjoy this quick development time because it allows you to hit the market sooner to gain a competitive edge.

It has widespread popularity

There is no doubt that Python is one of the most popular languages around the globe. This programming language has its communities from all over the world. As it is very popular, Python is continuously updated with new features and libraries. Not to mention, it provides users excellent documentation and community support. As for new developers, you will find using Python easy and convenient as it provides extensive support and framework for you to begin your developer journey.

Some popular Python web frameworks

Django and Flask are the most popular Python web development frameworks. Django offers an open-source, high-level framework that is fast, secure, and scalable. It also offers good community support and detailed documentation. Some of the large companies that use Django are Instagram and Pinterest.

On the other hand, Flask is a microframework that doesn’t come with a lot of features and functionality like Django. However, Flask allows you to add extensions and libraries that you need as you code. That means you will have flexibility and control with this powerful web framework. Some companies like Netflix, Uber are using this framework.

As you can see, web app development Python is not a secret. It has widely been used by many large companies in the world. Don’t worry if you just know about it now, because this language is easy to learn.