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How much is the cost of web application development?


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When you don’t have a strong team to build a web app, you need to either hire a developer or a web app development company. Obviously you will want to know how much the cost of web app development is to determine your budget. However, it’s not simple to know the final price of the process. Since the project comes with a lot of details, the web app development cost depends on different factors, including its complexity, features, and even the location where the developer’s country is. In this article, you will have a closer look at these key factors and know how much the cost of web application development is.

Things you should do before starting the web app development project

Before building a web application, you need an idea. This is the most difficult stage for everyone, especially those who don’t have good knowledge about developer tools and methods. It’s important to understand how your web app development project is going to work. And this is what you should do in order to estimate your web app development price.

The cost depends on the complexity of your project

Come up with a unique idea

As you are reading this article, you must already have a picture of what you want with your app. Building a custom web app from scratch in this competitive market requires you to have a unique idea. If you have a strong team to build it, you need to explain to your team carefully about your idea. Otherwise, you will need to describe what you want to developers that you hire. 

And of course, your idea should come with details. In particular, you need to know the answers for what your app is and how it looks. If possible, try to make an iconographic model. The more details you provide, the more time and cost you can save for your project.  

Improve an existing idea

Another solution is that you can use an existing app or project as a starting point. It can be something that you are interested in and you want to upgrade. You can take advantage of an existing idea and all you need to do is to adapt it for your needs. 

This is supposed to be an easier and simpler option. However, if you want to make changes in the functionality and design, the app might require major code revision. And that’s when you might have an expensive and time-consuming project. So whatever option you opt for, take your time and consider them carefully.

Understand the complexity levels of web app development

In reality, you won’t be able to find a specific answer as you look for the cost of web application development. The price can vary from $3000 to around $250,000, depending on the developer’s location or the app’s complexity. Below are three levels of web app complexity that you should know:  

Simple apps

Simple apps usually refers to landing pages, one-pagers, and online stores that come with a standard design and very few features. Because they just need basic interactive forms and little content, you will get them done within a month at a price range of $ 3000 to $15,000.

Simple apps require few features so they have the lowest cost

Medium apps

Medium apps are also known as company websites and e-commerce sites that have small or medium sizes. These websites need a large volume of content and more interactive elements to be integrated. That’s why they cost more, from $15,000 to $50,000, and it will take around 4 months for the development time.

Complex/Large-scale apps

Complex apps include websites for large-scale businesses. These websites require a lot of exclusive features, large databases, unique CMSs, and a massive amount of content. They are also the most expensive category that takes around 6 months to get done. And the development cost can reach $250,000.

How to reduce the cost of web application development?

You should ask for a web application development quotation from a developer or an agency to know the closest estimated cost. And when you realize that the estimated cost of your web app development project exceeds your budget, you have to reconsider your requirements. And you can reduce this cost in two ways:

Your first option is to cut off features that your app doesn’t really need to work successfully. You can test your app in real-life condition when you get a trial version. Based on feedback that you get, you will know what you really need to focus on.

Your second option is to search for cheaper packages. Some developers or web app development companies offer a cheaper way to solve the same tasks. Make sure to check how these packages will affect the total cost of your project and its efficiency. Or you can always look for another developer whose services are cheaper. 

As you can see, the cost of web application development varies. And you know that a higher price usually comes with higher quality. So make sure to consider everything before making your decision. Visit Omatech website for more information!