Blog / In July and August 2022, new Binance NFT features and updates will be released.

In July and August 2022, new Binance NFT features and updates will be released.


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On Binance NFT, a number of improvements and new features are now available. Check out the new Floor Price display, better History function, and improved search filter, among other things.



Greater visibility on the marketplace



All NFT assets on the Binance NFT platform are now discoverable after the introduction of the new NFT Asset Exposure functionality, even if they are not currently listed for sale. This is done to make sure that consumers can easily access the whole selection of NFTs that are stored on Marketplace.


Improved search capabilities


Additionally modified is the NFT search engine. Your NFT and Mystery Box browsing experience will be more seamless thanks to the integration of the NFT Marketplace page with the search results page. Instead of running two separate searches for each sort of material, the system will search using both categories when you enter a keyword. Please be aware, though, that the Rarity filter only works with Mystery Box.


Additionally, the new [Sale Types] option on the Marketplace, Collections, and search results pages allows you to focus your NFT search. The NFT will be displayed on the search results page as long as it is created on our platform. All NFT created on Binance NFT will also be visible to other Marketplace users on the creator’s profile page in [Created]. After the Binance NFT staff has reviewed any existing NFTs created before minting was made available to all verified users, these entries may be shown on the site.


Advanced history of the mint



It has never been simpler to keep track of the NFTs you have created on Binance NFT. The Create Additional Filter button is now visible in your User Center’s History tab. You can view a detailed history of your previous minting activity using this filter.


To see an overview of the NFTs you’ve created, go to [User Center] and click [History] . Select [Create] from the [Category] filter. In [Create] , your content is further categorized into [NFTs] and [Collections]. You can see the details of each NFT you have minted in [NFTs]. To go to the respective NFT details page for more information, simply click on a corresponding NFT. In [Collections], you can see an overview of each NFT collection that you have minted. You can click on each collection to go to the respective collection details page for more information.


Users may now examine the status of the NFT and the group of NFTs to which they have made a minting request using the newly updated Minting History tool. Processing, Success, or Failed are the three possible states.


  • Processing: We ask that you wait patiently for the generation of your NFT or NFT collection.
  • Success: Your NFT or NFT collection was successfully created. To access the detail page or the collection page, click on the NFT or NFT collection, respectively. Additionally, you may access additional information about the item, including the wallet address, contract address, and token ID.
  • Failed: Your request failed. Click to see what happened.


Upgrade to Floor Price Display



On each page of the collection, you may now choose the currency for the Floor Price display from three options: ETH, BNB, and USD. The price floors of other sites you see, such the homepage, ratings page, and user profile page, will display the same currency when you choose a currency in the filter settings. Each NFT collection in [Recommended Collections] will also have its price floor and quantity data displayed in the chosen currency.