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Is Blockchain Development Python the right choice for you?


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In web or app design programming, it has a lot of programming languages ​​that support them such as PHP, asp, c#, Python, etc. However, most programmers choose Python as their first programming language. So what is Python? What advantages and disadvantages does it have? Blockchain development Python is the best choice for beginners? Omatech will answer all these questions through the article below. Discover now!

About Blockchain

Before discovering Blockchain development Python, let’s have a quick look at Blockchain!

Blockchain is a modern technology that is gaining popularity recently. In which the data will be encrypted into blocks and linked together into significant links.

Each block will contain information about initialization time, the association between blocks, and other related data. 

Once you have entered the data into the block and put it on the Blockchain system, you will not be able to change the data in it. If you want to add more information to that block, you need to have the consent of the people participating in this Blockchain system.

Blockchain technology has many useful applications for us.

It is a P2P peer-to-peer system, eliminating all intermediaries, increasing security, transparency, and stability as well as reducing costs and human errors. By allowing digital information to be distributed but not copied, blockchain technology has created the backbone of a new type of Internet.

What is Python?

Python is an interpreted programming language created by Guido van Rossum in 1990. It is considered a programming language with a user-friendly interface, clear structure, convenient for beginners to learn to program. In general, Blockchain development Python brings many significant benefits to developers.

Python’s structure also allows users to write code with minimal keystrokes. It is based on the comments of Guido van Rossum himself in an interview with him.

Python fully uses automatic memory allocation and dynamic type generation. So it works quite similar to Scheme, Perl, Smalltalk, Ruby, and Tcl. Managed by the non-profit Python Software Foundation, Python is developed in an open-source project. 

Currently, more and more people are prioritizing Blockchain development with Python, especially those who are just starting to program.

Python is one of the most popular programming languages ​​in the world today.

Some popular Python applications

As an advanced programming language, Python is used to develop high-level applications such as:

  • Web server programming

Developers can do server-side programming through Python libraries like Django and Flask.

  • Create templates

Through Python, developers can create rapid prototypes to present to customers.

  • Game development

It is widely used in game development, including GUIs, through libraries like PyGame.

  • Data science and machine learning

Python is the best and most commonly used language for machine learning and data science. Python greatly supports application development in the field of data science. It has built-in libraries for data manipulation, data visualization, data cleaning, and some other related functions.

Notable advantages and disadvantages of Python

The main advantages of using Python

There’s a reason developers choose to code in Python. It has some unique features that make programming much simpler. Let’s take a look at some of the features that make working to Python’s advantage:

Blockchain development Python brings many significant benefits to developers.
  • Easy to read and easy to learn

Python is a simple language to read and learn. It doesn’t have complex syntaxes like other high-level languages ​​like C or C++. Thanks to less complexity, Python allows you to think more clearly and focus on building logic.

  • Reduce maintenance costs

Due to its simplicity, Python makes it easier to maintain the application and thus reduces the costs involved, which is a distinct advantage. For developers or businesses with a tight budget, Blockchain development using Python will be the most optimal solution today.

  • Avoid harm from software errors

Python does not let code errors occur in the application segment. Therefore, it is considered a preferred language.

  • Wide applicability

Another essential feature of this language is that it is widely applicable. Engineers, scientists, and mathematicians use it extensively.

  • Memory management

Python has an extensive library with memory management capabilities, which makes it stand out from other programming languages. It includes a private heap containing all Python objects and data structures, a built-in memory manager to maintain this private heap.

  • Simple and fast

The Python community provides quick and practical support to the users as well as the rapid adaptability of the code. Some experts like to nickname Python the ready-to-run language because it only requires simple code to be executed. Advanced and code testing is much more comfortable with Python.

  • Asynchronous encryption

Asynchronous encryption uses a single event loop to get work done in small intervals. Python is very useful for writing asynchronous code because it is easy to write and easy to maintain. It does not require any complicated research content, deadlocks, or any other complexity.

Blockchain development using Python is the choice of many programmers.
  • Integration with other languages

Python has libraries like Cython and Jython, which allow integration with other languages ​​like C, C++, and Java for cross-platform development. That is one of the main perks of Python because no language is perfect. Development sometimes requires diverse language functions.

  • Enterprise application integration

Python is the best choice for Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), providing reliable process control features and implementing internet data protocols and formats. Furthermore, Python helps users deal with markup languages ​​like XL, executes through the same bytecode on advanced operating systems. Moreover, it can be used as a scripting language.

The main disadvantages of using Python

Along with some advantages, Blockchain development Python has some limitations in the areas of performance and security. Following are some of the significant disadvantages of using Python.

  • Slow execution speed

Python is an interpreted language, which means it works with the interpreter, not with the compiler. Therefore, it executes relatively slower than C, C++, Java, and many other languages.

  • Huge memory consumption

Python constructs require more memory space. This language is not suitable for development in limited memory conditions.

  • Not suitable for game and mobile development

Python is mainly used in server-side web and desktop development. It is not considered ideal for mobile application development and game development. The reason is that it consumes more memory and slow processing speed compared to other programming languages.

Blockchain development with Python is not suitable for Blockchain Game development.
  • Developer restrictions

Once developers get used to the ease and simplicity of this language, they will find it hard to use other languages.

  • Error detection in code

Python is executed through the interpreter instead of the compiler. Therefore. You can hardly detect errors during compilation. Therefore, it may not be good for developers.

  • Database access rights

Python is considered highly insecure and poses a security risk. There are some limitations when using Python to access the database. Compared to other popular technologies like JDBC and ODBC, the Python database access layer is a bit underdeveloped and primitive.

  • Design restrictions

One of Python’s major problems is its design limitations. That’s why many professional developers don’t choose it.

  • Difficult to check

Since it is an interpreter-based language, it is difficult to run tests on code written in Python. All the errors appear only at runtime, which makes it very difficult to test pieces of code written in Python.

In short, Blockchain development Python is suitable for new developers and businesses on a slightly tight budget. If you are a more professional programmer and want a more efficient programming language, Python is not for you.

We have just shared with you the most detailed information about Blockchain development Python. If you want to learn more information and solutions on app development, Blockchain, then visit the Omatech Blog section. They will not let you down.