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Outstanding advantages of choosing Mobile App Development Hybrid


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What advantages does Mobile App Development Hybrid bring over other mobile applications? Why should professional developers choose Hybrid Mobile App? If you are a professional developer, you are probably quite familiar with the concept of a Hybrid App or Hybrid Mobile App.  If you don’t know it well, don’t worry! Let’s dive into this topic now. You will certainly find the answers to these questions.

What is a Hybrid App?

A Hybrid App is an application that combines the great advantages of both Web App and Native App. At the same time, it also limits the disadvantages of both types of web applications. 

Basically, Hybrid App is a web application. It is the applications that are installed on the mobile device, just like any other application. A Hybrid Mobile App is built to work on the platform of mobile phones.

Many mobile app developers decide on choosing Mobile App Development Hybrid.

However, it is provided with a lightweight native application container. That also enables it to take advantage of some native platform features and device hardware. We can cover pinch and spread functionality calendar, camera, and push notifications that a mobile app may not access.

What is Mobile App Development Hybrid?

It is the construction and development of a mobile application by programmers. This mobile application is compatible and works under various platforms as long as it has complete native code.

Like other mobile apps, Hybrid Mobile Apps are developed using commonly used front-end development technologies and languages ​​such as HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, HTML. Hence it gives them a cross-platform functionality.

Hybrid Mobile Apps are compatible with many different operating systems and platforms.

What’s different is that they take elements from native apps, apps developed for a specific platform like iOS or Android. Hybrid Mobile App is implemented in a native application using mobile WebView. When the app is used, this object renders mobile content using mobile technologies.

You need to own the native code to access the device’s hardware features (calendar, contacts, accelerometer, camera, etc.). Where native apps are installed, native code is used to access specific features to help users have the best, uninterrupted experience. If such functionality is available in WebView, Hybrid Mobile App can also rely on platforms that provide JavaScript API.

Pros and cons of Hybrid Mobile App

Outstanding pros of Hybrid Mobile App

Are you wondering whether to choose Mobile App Development Hybrid or not? Please refer to the advantages below that it brings to your business.

A Hybrid Mobile App is an application that only needs to be written once.  However, it can run on many devices, on many different platforms (Windows Mobile, Android, iOS, Tizen). It will help businesses save maximum application development costs.

  • This application can be uploaded to Google Play or App Store for users to download and use easily.
  • Hybrid App can perform many functions that a Native App cannot.
  • It has its embedded browser inside which has applications.
  • When developers decide on Mobile App Development Hybrid, developers can take advantage of many features available in mobile phone devices.
  • Hybrid App makes it possible for developers to use one of the AngularJs, CSS, and HTML skills to create mobile apps easily. Mobile app developers don’t need to learn too much about Objective-C or Java.
  • Mobile App Development Hybrid will be easier than other apps.

The maintenance of the Hybrid Mobile App is also quite simple and fast. This process does not take too much time for programmers as well as businesses.

Mobile App Development Hybrid will be faster and less costly for businesses.

Some cons of Hybrid Mobile App

Although possessing many outstanding advantages, the Hybrid App also has some minor disadvantages such as:

  • Hybrid apps run slower than other apps.
  • In the process of using Hybrid sometimes users feel jerky, lag.
  • The visual interface makes users less familiar than other applications. To be precise, the interface of Hybrid Mobile is not so user-friendly. Operations and functions are also limited. The reason is that it doesn’t let the programmer take advantage and exploit the full potential of 3D elements or devices on WebView.
  • Some hardware-related tasks can be difficult to perform.
Besides the advantages, Hybrid Mobile App also has some limitations.

Application execution performance on each platform is slow. Therefore, when writing game applications, you should use other frameworks specializing in Game writing, not this way. In particular, if the writing is not clever and is not like the mobile application, it will be rejected by Apple.

What should you pay attention to when implementing Mobile App Development Hybrid?

Before using and developing any platform, you need to define and set the goals and benefits that your business will achieve. Besides, you should also consider its advantages and disadvantages. Here are some questions you need to answer when making your Mobile App Development Hybrid decision.

  • Do your staff and associates have the capacity and skills to take on this mobile app development strategy? If the app development team is qualified, good, and experienced, you can use the Hybrid platform. However, if your resources are not strong, you need to pay for a good team. It is best to find a professional programming unit to build a standard App.
  • Which mobile platforms is your business aiming for?
  • Does your business have enough budget to maintain the effectiveness of the Hybrid Mobile App and overcome its limitations?
  • Is your business moving towards the policy of distributing your app to app stores like Google Play or the App Store? If you need to put your app on these stores then it’s best to use the Hybrid App platform. Because this application can be uploaded to Appstore and Play store.
  • Do you want to save costs or maximize features?

Clarifying the purpose of the use is to maximize the features or optimize the cost will also help you make the right choice. If you want to save optimal development costs, using Hybrid App is a perfect choice.

Because this application only needs to be written once, it can be used in many places. However, if you want maximum features, then Native App is the superior application. Therefore, depending on the purpose of use, you should consider making the appropriate choice.

These are the basic questions you need to answer clearly. That way, new developers can leverage the efficiency and truly useful features of the Hybrid App.

Popular Mobile App Development Hybrid frameworks in 2021


Flutter is the fastest-growing framework for Hybrid App Development in 2021.was created to develop for Android. After a while, it was transformed into a popular hybrid framework that supports mobile application development for both Android and iOS platforms. 

The fact is that it provides a great user experience on both operating systems. That makes it one of the best frameworks for developing Hybrid Mobile Apps.

Flutter is highly appreciated by many technology experts because of its good quality.

React Native

It is one of the oldest, most reputable hybrid frameworks. React Native has earned its place as one of the most popular frameworks among information technology professionals. 

This hybrid framework was created by Facebook in 2013 and was immediately shared on GitHub. Since then, the trend of React Native has never decreased, which is not surprising given that it is supported by Samsung and Microsoft.


It is a hybrid framework that prioritizes cost-effectiveness because there is no need to write additional code for another platform.

Hybrid App has great advantages that developers should consider choosing. But whether you choose Mobile App Development Hybrid or any mobile application development, you should thoroughly research all information about them. We hope that through this article, you will find your answer.