Custom blockchain solutions provide new opportunities while resolving enduring business issues.

Omatech can construct a blockchain application and launch your MVP in 90 days or less because to its significant experience in creating and delivering customized blockchain solutions for companies in a variety of financial sectors.


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Areas of expertise we have

Customized public and private blockchains let you manage user accounts while handling payments, data transfers, and risk management while enabling you to offer services outside of your company.

Create unique digital assets from collectibles, such as video game art goods (music, video, picture,ect.), so that you may purchase, sell, and trade them.

Create secure smart contracts that can run on their own. Make transactions that are safe, quick, and dependable without the use of middlemen.

Rebuild your banking application into a decentralized, intermediary-free system that is transparent, strong, secure, and self-executing.

Have a custom dApp created by our team of professionals that properly fits your company’s objectives.

Create, maintain, and assess products connected to cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. Consult with our professionals to fully utilize blockchain technology and obtain insightful knowledge for your projects, including DeFi, NFTs, Web3, and Metaverse.

Serving every region

Blockchain is upending all contemporary industries.

We share our in-depth knowledge in a range of disciplines with start-ups, SMEs, and large corporations, including:


Our Process

Analysis of requirements

In order to provide a good solution and implementation plan, one must first gather information and analyze the business needs relevant to each project.

Project Design

The technical crew is designing the technical architecture while our BAs and PMs are working on the data diagram.
Once the foundational work is completed, the team develops a sprint plan with precise KPIs for each objective.

Knowledge and growth

To achieve a finished version, a product must go through numerous stages and versions, such as alpha and beta.


We compile requests for upcoming upgrades based on consumer feedback, and the backlog for urgent problems is given priority.

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Your company may interact with customers more efficiently and dependably with a specialized blockchain application. Process transparency is guaranteed, data traceability is improved, and workflow security is consequently improved overall.

In the modern world, blockchain benefits every industry. Before beginning the project, we will examine if blockchain can be utilized for your business based on the business circumstances and demands in order to be certain and allay your concerns your.

Costs will be calculated separately for each specific project. You can refer to our demo projects and select the necessary features or suggest additional features to get a specific quote for the project.

Omatech can create blockchain applications and launch your MVP in less than 90 days.

Of course! The current tendency is to create applications using blockchain technology to stay up with modernisation. If the technical issues with your current system permit, we will examine them and put them into use.