We create secure, scalable, and decentralized applications (dApps) for a variety of industries, with a focus on DeFi, NFT, and gaming.

Our dApp developers are skilled at turning your concepts into robust, usable apps that deliver an excellent user experience.


Top reasons to choose dApp

Dapp development for your enterprise

DApp has the open source software characteristics, making it very simple to develop the ecosystem. This benefit enables creators to connect with more users and create practical services in the future.

DApps function independently of source code or core programs. Decentralization ensures that they run entirely autonomously and without intervention from outside sources. It is challenging for businesses, governments, or any individual to violate them.

The DApp continues to function normally even if one or more of the system’s PCs has issues. This results from how the peer-to-peer system of the DApp is set up.

The complementary nature of DApp and bitcoin makes them an unbreakable pair. Today, DApps, particularly those for Ethereum, support the majority of bitcoin transactions.

Serving multiple fields

Applications of DApp

Automated, human-free dapps accelerate processes and improve workflows across a multitude of industries, including:


Our Dapp development process

Requirement analysis

Our technical specialists research the business requirements per project and define how its business logic should work with smart contracts. Based on the collected insights, a roadmap is created.

Project design

Our BAs and PMs work on data flow diagrams while tech staff designs the technical architecture. When all the groundwork is ready, the team plans sprints, with quantitative goals per each.

Development & Release

The team builds and delivers the product, passing through all release stages: alpha release, beta release, release candidate, and finally production.


Based on the clients’ feedback, we gather requirements for future updates and prioritize the backlog for the most important issues.

Select a DApp service for your company!

Areas of expertise we have.

Custom DApp development

Get a unique dApp created by our team of professionals to precisely meet your business objectives. Our programmers ensure that your Dapp is flawlessly conceived, created, and functional.

Dapp consulting

We assist you in assessing the likelihood that your project concept will be successful using our background in expertise, cutting-edge technology, and keeping up with current market trends. We will identify the best blockchain platform and offer prompt advise and direction on the project’s technical and business elements.

Dapp Design

Let our design professionals make the DApp interface that consumers will enjoy and want to use, or let us make the most attractive possible presentation of your company.

Dapp Integration

Integrate other technologies, such traditional IoT, the web, mobile devices, and more, seamlessly with your DApp.

Dapp testing

By thoroughly and in-depth testing your Dapp on all platforms, devices, and operating systems, we make sure the project is error-free.

Dapp maintenance

Our job doesn’t merely finish with the delivery of the product. After a project is finished, our experts offer end-to-end maintenance to make sure your DApp is operating flawlessly.

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Your company may interact with customers more efficiently and dependably with a specialized blockchain application. Process transparency is guaranteed, data traceability is improved, and workflow security is consequently improved overall.

In the modern world, blockchain benefits every industry. Before beginning the project, we will examine if blockchain can be utilized for your business based on the business circumstances and demands in order to be certain and allay your concerns your.

Costs will be calculated separately for each specific project. You can refer to our demo projects and select the necessary features or suggest additional features to get a specific quote for the project.

Omatech can create blockchain applications and launch your MVP in less than 90 days.

Of course! The current tendency is to create applications using blockchain technology to stay up with modernisation. If the technical issues with your current system permit, we will examine them and put them into use.