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Summary of breakthrough custom software development trends today


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If you want to be a software developer, there are many factors to success. Only when meeting the needs of users will people choose your software. Currently, following the trend is also a factor to attract potential customers. With the variety of fields in software today, there are custom software development trends that need attention. Here are some trends to suggest for you if you plan to become a software developer.

Analysis of current custom software development trends

Artificial intelligence software development

Artificial intelligence helps people a lot in the working process. So it really has become a trend that many software developers are aiming for today. More than half of business people use this trend to apply to their software development.

Artificial intelligence is effective in automating many processes. 

Business applications always require the presence of artificial intelligence features. Simply because all tasks will be run more efficiently. It also makes the whole process of data stored more efficient. 

There are many companies and individuals that have chosen this trend. They announced that they will start using artificial intelligence features for the next software programs they will develop.

Currently Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa are the assistants that communicate well with people. The purpose of these assistants is to provide assistance to people for multiple purposes. However, in the not too distant future, robots will impact human life.

There have been many businesses using artificial intelligence to provide services to customers. For example, shopping guides, labor support and completing all transactions. All of these are well received by customers.

Artificial intelligence can improve the way software programs are used, from predictive text to voice search. All these features could not have been invented without the assistance of artificial intelligence. 

Artificial intelligence software is also very important

Software development according to user requirements

In life, the needs of users are never limited. But very few software can meet user requirements well. Many people always want to have an application that is guaranteed to meet their needs in many jobs. Therefore, on-demand software is becoming a trend that a business person needs to consider.

In business software on demand is even more important. Users have specific needs and requirements and the developer must ensure that to come up with an application. On-demand apps are a current style trend. Since people tend to avoid human contact, it won’t stop.

The main features that users are looking for when requesting an on-demand application are convenience, customizability, and scalability. Going forward, this trend will continue to grow, because mobile on-demand apps are some of the most sold software programs on the market. Currently, there are also many successful software developers applying this trend. 

Software to meet all user needs

Using cloud computing technology

Referring to custom software development trends, we cannot ignore cloud computing. It is very suitable for the current complicated situation of Covid 19. Cloud solutions will still be one of the key trends that are still evolving. Companies of all sizes have turned to the cloud for data storage, streaming, smart sensors, and many other cloud-based technologies.

Currently, there are some market leading computing that can be consulted such as: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. This trend is also suitable to bring society to the 4.0 era. So you can get a lot of potential customers when applying for it. 

Focus on cybersecurity development 

Why has cybersecurity become a trend that a software developer should aim for? This is a problem of all times, not just today. For security, safety is always a special concern. Every individual or business is worried about being attacked by cyber and personal information.

Every business in the market with multiple specifications is at risk of being the target of a cyber attack. That is not a doubt and is a reality people are facing today. An individual who is using a device connected to the internet for personal or corporate purposes may encounter this problem.

As far as reality is concerned, it can be confirmed. More than half of mid-sized companies have experienced cyberattacks. Automated software is a tool used to attack companies’ networks and make them vulnerable.

Both networks and computers are vulnerable targets to cyberattacks. When it comes to investing in software development, it’s important to focus on making it secure online. Anyone with bad intentions can’t do anything to your account.

It is also an alarming fact that the number of cyber attacks is growing continuously. A concrete example 1 in 100 smartphones is infected with malware, which is a bug or a virus. Therefore, it can be affirmed that focusing on network security is extremely necessary.

Looking at the psychology of users, you can also understand why this trend should be developed. Software developers understand that if users have doubts about an app’s security features, they won’t use it. Customers always have many choices so they don’t necessarily choose unsafe things.

Instead of advising users not to download such data, make sure it’s safe to download. Thus, new customers do not feel uncomfortable when using the application. 

Remote working application software

Everyone’s psychology is very afraid of commuting and they always want software to support remote work. This can solve a number of situations such as being late for work, traffic jams, and smog. And working from home will also make people more comfortable.

Besides, it is also possible to do multiple jobs at the same time. Everyone will have more time to rest without slowing down the work schedule.

Especially with the current situation, the complicated development of Covid 19 has raised the importance of the remote workforce. It is really important for IT service companies. Anyone can access work from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection.

There are many areas that need the application of this software. One of them is that online education will also be a new trend as most classes have taken place online during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Remote control software for work

Progressive web apps

You can also rely on custom software development trends progressive web apps for software development. This is considered as progressive web aps applied by many software developers. . Software developers from Microsoft and Google when designing the mobile version of the browser have equipped the PWA feature.

Progressive Web Apps also apply to companies from industries like healthcare, banking, and e-commerce. These applications can be developed at low cost. Everyone can understand why many fields will have no problem using them in the future. If you want to create a new software for your business, you should hire to gain experience.

Why should business people custom software development trends?

With this question, you just need to look at reality to get the most accurate answer. New trends always bring many benefits, so they should be paid more attention. When there is any new trend, people will also notice and learn about it. The same goes for custom software development.

They also need those factors to attract customers to use their products. No one wants to use a buggy app, their top choice is always up-to-date software. If you do not keep up with the times, all your efforts will not be recognized. That is why trend development becomes important.

No software developer can deny the role of custom software development trends. When you know how to use trends to create a software with many features, there will certainly be many potential customers. Above are some trends that any business person can apply. Decide which software development trends and solutions are right for you and your customers’ needs.