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Summary of mobile app development growth trends


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The advent of mobile devices has improved people’s lives. Especially with the current mobile app development growth, it brings huge economic benefits. Because human needs are increasing day by day. However, not all development trends bring real economic potential. Find out what trends you should adopt through the information shared in this article. 

You need finding how to mobile app development growth

Increase investment in application demand

The need for convenience, speed and easy payment methods, powered by on-demand apps will continue to grow. So far, users have had a positive experience with the apps needed for real life. However, they are now expecting to see the expansion of other types of applications. Especially for different industries like cleaning, delivery, laundry, shopping. Only when meeting the needs of users well will they use more. The more customers you have, the more economic profit you will have. 

Mobile app development grows by improving speed

For mobile users, speed is always an issue they care about. Therefore, this is always the trend that mobile developers aim for. Google has launched AMPs, increasing the responsiveness and visibility of websites when running on mobile devices. When using it, the speed is not only fast but also consumes less space. You can also rely on it to improve your application speed. 

Trending app development is very important

Equipped with 5G mobile Internet

The number of smartphones that will use 5G networks in 2021 is huge. It will probably double from the previous year. It is estimated that by 2021, the number of mobile phones with 5G will also be up to half. Therefore, the most anticipated mobile application development trend is 5G.

Compared to 4G, of course, its operating speed can be up to 100 times faster. Their service connectivity has also improved admirably. In the future, the development of 5G will bring wireless healthcare services, retrofit cloud computing. One thing that people are most looking forward to is driverless driving technology. Based on that, you can determine what application you should develop and how?

Pay attention to security solutions

Mobile app security remains one of the priorities for developers of all time. Because customers are always worried if their information is leaked. This is due to the growth of this industry: billions of users, large amounts of stored data, and 3rd party software development suites. The result of this mobile app development trend is the proliferation of mobile apps. birth of encrypted messaging apps. Besides, mobile browsers have privacy protection.

Develop real interactive applications with virtual reality

The popularity of AR apps has increased in recent years. One prediction is that this market will reach 209 billion USD by 2022. These types of applications create more interactive experiences for users. As a result, we’ve seen Pokemon Go explode around the world. And also the rise of some other cool AR apps like sketch civilization and BBC.

The technologies behind apps on iOS and Android, allow developers to use sensors to map their surroundings and place virtual objects inside. Therefore, it is expected that companies and marketers will use these features to display and promote products in the future. If you are looking for trends to attract customers to use your application. Then this is the option that you should equip.

Business mobile apps

This is a key trend that you should not ignore. It is gradually becoming a worldwide application development trend. It can provide employees with the purpose of performing organizational operations. Because of the large demand for use, the economic profit is very high.

In the world, there are many businesses that need to use such applications. There are thousands of employees who need to use the app to track work activities. So it is essential to have a mobile application for convenience.

Besides, you can also develop applications to monitor and improve internal communication within the business. Or improve employee satisfaction and productivity. You do not need to worry too much about the feasibility with these applications. Because now many businesses have actively requested to develop business applications.

Profits of trending app development

As mentioned, designing trending applications will help develop the economy. Because that’s what the customer needs. When it is well met, their demand for use will increase.

You will never face bankruptcy without users. On the contrary, customers will come to your application themselves. This is the foundation for solid growth in the future.


Mobile app development following market trends is one way to help your app thrive. You can’t be too developed according to your own desires. Because the needs of new customers are the main purpose to get more app downloads.

Fact-finding is important for development. Don’t pass up any opportunity to get your apps out to customers. Find out more trends to easily reach customers. Hopefully, through the above sharing, you will have more experiences for yourself.