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What are the most required features of IDO Crypto Launchpad platforms?


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The instant liquidity provided by IDOs makes it the best fundraising model as compared to its predecessors like ICO and IEO. In 2021 Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs) added crypto assets worth more than $18.7 Billion to the industry. These IDO crypto launchpad platforms are becoming aggressively popular because they:

  1. Open new opportunities for crypto projects
    For upcoming crypto projects, IDOs open up an opportunity to raise the required capital in an effortless manner.
  2. Enable Project Growth
    Reputed IDO crypto launchpad platforms vet a project before conducting the IDO. This provides an upcoming crypto project a spotlight and helps them gain the attention of the investors. 
  3. Offer High Liquidity
    The upcoming crypto projects prefer conducting IDOs over ICOs and
    the main reason is the high liquidity offered by IDO launchpads. Investors can buy the project tokens and immediately start generating revenue from the automated liquidity pools.

What are the indispensable features of an IDO launchpad?

According to, IDO Launchpad Development Services have developed 74 IDO platforms in the last 2 years. We have seen development companies roll out generic, gaming-specific, and blockchain-specific IDO launchpads. Most successful launchpads have a unique set of features that we believe are indispensable for any IDO launchpad:

  1. Multi-blockchain support: Some of the popular launchpads like Trustpad, Paid Network, DAO Maker, and more support IDO launch on multiple blockchains. This means that a crypto investor needs to create just one account on a crypto launchpad platform and he can take part in IDOs across multiple blockchains.
  2. Rewards: With IDO Launchpad Development Companies rolling out so many IDO launchpads, the competition in space has been soaring high. To cut through the competition, the launchpads reward the IDO participants with native platform tokens. Some platforms also reward IDO participants with rare NFTs. This reward system encourages launchpad participation.
  3. Integrated wallet: IDO Launchpad Development Services must ensure the IDO launchpad comes with an integrated digital wallet and makes it easy and secure for the users to transact tokens.
  4. Predefined price of tokens: Most of the successful IDO launchpads ensure that Investors know the price of the IDO tokens at the time of whitelisting only. This avoids any kind of confusion later on.
  5. Gas fees: The gas fees to be paid for buying the IDO tokens are defined by the blockchains on which the IDO tokens are issued. An investor must be made aware of the gas fee choices he has before whitelisting.
  6. Multiple staking modules: IDO launchpads with multiple staking modules are becoming increasingly popular. These staking modules allow users to stake native tokens or blockchain-specific tokens to take part in different staking modules where they get higher IDO token allocation.
  7. Well-vetted projects: The IDO launchpad platform must have a firm screening policy for projects to be listed. The platform must ensure that only fair projects are listed and investors need not worry about scammers or bots.


What are the most popular blockchains for IDO launchpads?

Some of the most popular crypto launchpad platforms run on blockchains like:

  1. Ethereum
  2. Binance Smart Chain
  3. Solana

Picking the right blockchain is a tricky situation. You must choose a cheaper network like Binance Smart Chain but to do that you might have to give up on the large volumes of blockchain blockchains like Ethereum.

How do projects conducting IDOs choose an IDO launchpad platform?

To understand this, we need to know how projects plan to conduct their IDOs. Once the projects have decided on the blockchain, and target audience and are close to developing their minimal viable product, they vet the IDO launchpads based on the following criteria:

  1. No scam or trading bot platforms:
    Projects conducting their IDOs stay away from IDO crypto launchpad platforms that attract scammers or trading bots. They vet the track record of the launchpad and check how many investors took part in past project IDOs.
  2. Fee Structure and marketing support
    The next thing the projects vet IDO launchpads for is the fee structure and the marketing support provided.
  3. Native token or fiat on-ramp
    Some IDO launchpad development services design the platform in a way that stipulates the IDO projects to hold or stake the launchpad’s native token. However, others are designed to offer the benefits of fiat onramp.
  4. Listing type
    Many projects conducting their IDOs have a listing type that suits their marketing plan. They want to make sure the crypto launchpad platform supports the same. Some of the listing types that IDO launchpads support are:

    • A fixed listing like Uniswap
    • Overflow Model like the PancakeSwap
    • First come first serve listing like Shyft Network
    • Dutch auctions like Spaceport

Wrapping it up

A crypto launchpad platform integrated with a decentralized exchange (DEX) is the most powerful platform as it helps in the ecosystem growth of the project. Along with that, the global DEX liquidity source integration ensures the token gets more visibility and is easily tradable.

As an IDO Launchpad Development Company, Omatech Web3 ensures you make no mistakes and our developers help you build a solid foundation for long-term success. Do you have questions about what kind of IDO launchpad will give projects the right investor attention? Connect with our experts now!