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Things associated with custom software development cost


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The custom software development process helps create a software application that addresses the needs of your business. It can be created by your own development team or a third-party by contract. As you are budging for your software development project, you need to learn carefully a few factors associated with it. So how much has the custom software development cost?

Costs of custom software development

What does custom software development cost? This is a common question that has been asked by any business owner when they plan to build software or an app for their business. There are a few factors that you need to consider. And the typical custom software development pricing ranges from $50,000 to $250,000. 

You need to consider a few factors when budging your project

The specific amount depends on a few aspects that contribute to the custom software development cost. Before you start to build your software or app, make sure to clarify and write down all your thoughts, what you need and want for your app so they can be consistently and easily shared and understood. As a result, it will be easier to figure out the development cost. 

Things associated with the cost of custom software development

As we mentioned, there are a few things that contribute to the final cost of your development project, including:

The size of your software

If your software includes more screens or pages, the development process requires more work to build an application. Therefore, you will have to pay extra for your project. So how do you know the size of your software? Typically, there are from 10 to 25 screens for small apps, 25-40 screens for medium apps, and more than 40 screens for large apps. 

The complexity of your software

If your software is considered a complicated one, it usually takes more time to cost and test.  Complicated software is the one that performs plenty of heavy analysis, scoring, or number crunching. In addition, if the “secret code” has more nuances and permutations than usual, your app needs to be more complex to warrant special attention.

Your software has a creative design

In custom software development, creative design means you get to choose different fonts and color palettes among others. It’s similar to when you design your house, the expense will be much higher if you want to add more decorating items and elements to it. 

Integration with other systems

The more systems that your software integrates, the more expensive your cost of custom software development will be. Integrating with external software gives you plenty of unknown variables into the equation. Some systems let information in or out easily, some don’t. And this integration process can be easy and effortless, or it can face a lot of problems and become very difficult.

For example, if you are building an online shopping assistant app, your app will need typical integrations with payment providers like PayPal or credit check services like Equifax. These integrations are easy to work with. So you won’t add more costs to the process. However, some less-known systems might increase your development costs.

Migration of existing data

Building complex software is more expensive

If you want to migrate your data in an existing system into your new app, you can’t just feasibly type it in by hand. That’s why the migration of existing data is needed. The migration process means custom scripts take data out of your previous system, dust it off and reshape it so it can fit into the new one.

As you can see, this process seems very easy and simple with just a few steps. However, you will need to make some important decisions because the two systems will store the data in different ways.

When your software development process is finished, your developers will need to run the migration efforts a few times to make sure everything got translated correctly. More importantly, the new system needs to be using the data as you wish. With that said, these efforts will add time and cost to your project as you have to figure out the translation rules, write the scripts, and perform a series of tests and adjustments.

Your location

The cost will be much different if you are hiring a software development company in Silicon Valley and in Asia. The main reason is that the base salary for developers and the operation costs are different in each area. With that said, you can easily save your cost by hiring a company in Asia, especially in Vietnam.

So with the question of how much does custom software development costs, the answers can vary, as we have mentioned in this article. Make sure to consider these factors carefully while you do your budget for custom software development costs. Besides, most software development agencies like Omatech help you design your development cost to fit your budget. We can adjust anything to help you build the best app with minimum cost.