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Things to learn about the web app development life cycle


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In the traditional method, everyone has to follow simple web development steps. It follows predefined steps, then distributes it to the project owner, and then starts execution. But this is only suitable for building simple websites. For example a portfolio page, blog or company website. But web applications must evolve step by step, adapt and always adjust to the market. Learn about the web app development life cycle through what is shared in this article. 

Plans for web app development life cycle

What is the web app development life cycle?

The cyclical process of developing web applications is known as lifecycle application development. This is a term used in engineering systems, information systems and software engineering, web applications.

Purpose to describe a process of planning, creating, testing, and implementing a work-to-do system. That process is given based on the working process and accumulated experience. Of course, to get that life cycle, there must be many failures. 

But in the end, they got the desired success. So web app developers have come up with life cycles to help you get there. You can rely on that process if you want to do business in this field. 

The entire application development process relies on this lifecycle to complete. Therefore, following the web app development life cycle is essential and should not be ignored. 

What stages do web app development life cycles need to go through?

Each web app development life cycle should be repeated many times. Because a project never ends until it stops working. Since there are always competitors, your app needs to have new features. Only in this way can we attract and keep loyal customers.

Give specific steps when web app development

As a web app developer, in the process of working, you need to apply the following steps:

Spend time researching and analyzing your target market

This is the first step without which there will be no success. Must understand the needs of the market. Are your plans suitable for potential customers or not?

Collecting project information as well as customer needs is extremely important. Once understood, the goal will be analyzed. Only then can the most suitable solutions be offered.

Have to ask yourself a question, what is the purpose of web application development? It is also important to know the target audience. Are the targeted applications relevant to the market? What requirements will you meet?

Not stopping there, must study age, gender, and personal preferences. Only then can the interface design be the most suitable. 

Find out specific target market

Provide strategic planning and ideas

In the web app development life cycle, this is also a fundamental step. Any web application needs to depend on a core idea.

The best and most effective way to plan outlines the important parts of the web app you’re aiming for. Design, technology, content and marketing are all in the plan.

It is not possible for one person to come up with a plan as well as a strategy. Need the support of a strong team. The leader must assign specific tasks to each person.

In short, in this step, the tasks are to create a sitemap, estimate progress, determine deliverables, and allocate resources accordingly. 

Important step: design 

Before writing any new line of code, a new idea, feature, story or epic should be designed according to the basic prototype. It is then passed on to the potential customer to test it. See their reactions and interactions with this feature or product. The reason is that the design is faster, easier to change, and doesn’t have a higher cost-to-time ratio.

Design includes the following stages: website layout design, rough sketches, graphics. This phase should allow customers to visit and experience the application. To know if your design is good or not.

The wireframe will have to switch to buttons, tabs, menus, panels, color themes, typography and graphics at the end. In the design process, it is also necessary to study the audience to see their preferences and needs.

One thing that cannot be ignored is the design to create a unique style for the brand. At the same time, it is also luxurious and close to customers. 

Design is a very important step to attract customers

Create more related content

Content is at the core of bringing your app closer to your customers. If you have a classy exterior design but empty content. Then of course no customer wants to use your application.

The main purpose of the content is to create an application-based communication channel. Content should be attractive, easy to understand and related to the interface. Add many other things to attract more likes: actions, titles, formatting, line editing, writing and especially must be updated throughout the web app development life cycle.

Content is the only way to effectively engage with users. Without it everything becomes 0. 

Develop everything for the app

This will be the longest and most expensive part of building features. It includes user interface design in user interface. Also develop backend code for data storage, secure authorization. Also supports more unit tests and code deployment.

Designing good software architecture and robust code is clearly the only way to ensure that your application can adapt and change quickly. You need to keep in mind the speed. Slowness will kill your application.

At this step, you need to prepare a lot of capital to invest. The advanced designs in this step will help people interact in your website more. This is the time to fully integrate the necessary components and functions. It’s expensive because it has to use frameworks and development tools.

In this step it is necessary to know how to approach user trends. And must use elements that are user-friendly and closest to the user interface. 

Provide testing as well as ensure the quality of the web

After new code or features are developed, they need to be tested. Thereby analyzing if there are any errors, possible misunderstandings, deviations with the designers or if it is not performing the interactions correctly. Quickly fix it before it is released to the market.

Make sure the code is working and delivering what is correct on the production server, not just the development environment. Testing includes unit, integration, end-to-end, performance, security and many more test types depending on different applications. The end-to-end test is so important that an investment in it is required.

Launched with product marketing

Once everything is in place, it’s time to market the initial feature or app. This app is not final and you will adapt and change it to add new features. Use this method to attract customers to give reviews to improve more.

You will use a lot of ads to market your app. However, it is more interested in educating its potential users than just selling. Must instruct customers on how to use the application so that they understand better. If they do not know how to use your product, you will lose customers.

Please regularly maintain your application for the best improvement. Must be based on customer reviews and requirements. 

Processes, stages in the web app development life cycle each plays a different role. Therefore, do not skip or skip any steps. Only when you invest in all those stages can you succeed in your project. And it should also be repeated many times when you want to develop web apps. The information shared above will be very useful for business people in the field of web application development. So don’t skip it!