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Things you need to know about mobile app development Bootcamp


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Bootcamp refers to a programming training model aimed at improving learning efficiency. It will be through the organization of the learning environment in the form of high-intensity, short-term, combative and practical “training camps”. Many programmers trained from Bootcamp are evaluated as good, no less than programmers with university degrees. Now released mobile app development Bootcamp provides multi-device coverage for Android, iPad, iPhone apps

Definition of mobile application development

To go deep into this field, you first need to know what mobile application development is? It is understood as the process of creating applications but not running on windows as before. It is for mobile devices such as tablets and phones. It will be much more convenient for human use. Applications that provide many different areas such as health care, entertainment, finance, beauty,… It’s not just a few basic steps to create a necessary application. But it has to go through a process with many stages. At the beginning, it is necessary to have a specific plan, then the user should try it out. Finally came up with the design for the user interface. Thereby you will start to have applications serving users.

In which developers need to come up with languages ​​suitable for mobile platforms to run on that application. After coding the application begins the actual testing. Then improve and keep testing until it’s safe and finally released to the app store.

Definition of mobile application development?

Economy for mobile app development Bootcamp

The mobile application development process that Bootcamp brings helps the economy grow sustainably. It also helps you get to many important things.

The process by which publishers build software for devices as well as mobile technology is application development. You can think of smart apps for phones as well as wearable technology. The process of becoming a developer in the field also requires a wealth of knowledge, which will be your luggage for future success.

2020 brings an impressive number for mobile application development, reaching $102.5 billion in revenue. That’s a huge growth since 2015. It has actually grown by 20%. Most of that growth comes from emerging markets. What problem does this demonstrate? Those are the new businesses entering the field that have achieved very high results.

Large markets like the US have slower download growth. However, the expected revenue is still very high. So investing in this field is a very right choice. 

What types of mobile application development are there?

The purpose of creating a mobile application is more convenient for users. The more users, the higher the revenue. Compared to developing applications on windows, mobile is still more effective. There are 2 types of mobile app development Bootcamp that are developed on IOS and Android

Application development for iOS

Currently, there are many users of the iOS platform. The platform will be supported with the necessary applications on Apple-equipped devices. Thereby users will download the application from the App Store available on the phone. It will rely on Apple’s Xcode integration environment for development. This is one of the software programs that help iOS mobile application developers. It supports coding, testing, and also debugging apps for Apple devices. The Objective-C and Swift programming languages ​​will be used by app developers for iOS apps.

Development apps for Android

The Android platform receives support from google. It allows applications to work on all devices included in Android. Unlike iOS, users need to download the app on the device from the google play store. Android Studio is software that designs applications for this type. It is combined with the Android software development kit. A special feature is that the majority of application developers use Java to create Android applications. Thereby the user can use it easily and conveniently.

What types of mobile application development are there?

Do you want to be a mobile app developer?

The path to this profession and success depends on the direction of each person. The biggest thing in common is the need for effort, hard work and a clear purpose. But there are some caveats to becoming an app developer: 

  • The first is to understand yourself. Find out and determine if you really want to go down this path. Do you want to develop intensively into a specific type of mobile app.
  • Next is determining the path to pursue this career. You can go for a college program, or a coding training program, or also through self-study.
  • Don’t skip the recovery phase. You need to put practical application into training programs if you have the opportunity. Practice your coding skills a lot, improve yourself.
  • And build a portfolio plan, look at the sites of potential employers.


Mobile app development Bootcamp offers very attractive job opportunities. It helps your economy grow rapidly. So make an effort to become a mobile app developer.