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Top 10 Mobile App Development Ideas in 2021 You Cannot Miss


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Mobile app development ideas are always changing and evolving to meet the needs of users. Mobile application development is a rapidly growing industry. Along with the daily increase in the number of smartphones used in the world, businesses are also creating mobile applications to attract their target customers. Omatech will bring out the best mobile app development ideas of 2021 that you shouldn’t miss.

What is a mobile application? What is its role?

Mobile applications are programs and software created specifically for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. It allows us to have a miniature space to carry out entertainment, shopping, and information updates in the form of compact, convenient application versions on mobile devices.

Mobile apps have an essential role for us.

Mobile applications are becoming more and more popular and indispensable for every business. When users switch their habits of using the Internet to smartphone devices, interacting with customers through the website is no longer effective. Therefore, mobile applications were born as the most perfect complement for businesses.

The best mobile app development ideas of 2021

Augmented Reality App to help you design your room

Topping the list of the best mobile app development ideas of 2021 is this one. One of the concerns while buying furniture or any home decor item is whether the product will fit into your room and where it will look best. 

AR app mobile programming idea helps you style your room by allowing you to use the camera and place 3D models of various items and furniture in a virtual space on your phone Yours and see how it looks. The app can even cooperate with different shopping sites and facilitate users to order directly from the app. This mobile app development idea is also very unique and attractive.

Health Check and Food Planning App

This app checks your health day by day. It suggests suitable meals that you should consume to stay healthy. It connects you with many healthy recipes provided by professional chefs. You can set your content syndicated according to your health situation. 

For example, if you are a heart patient, you will be suggested recipes made with healthy ingredients. This mobile app idea could partner with grocery stores to deliver healthy items online from the app.

Nutrition and daily health are closely related.

Voice Translation App

One of the top concerns of traveling abroad is not knowing the language of that country and the struggle of trying to communicate with native speakers. An app that can translate your voice will revolutionize communication for travelers. 

What you said on the phone will be translated into their desired language. This mobile app idea also has to work in both ways that other languages ​​can be translated into your language in real-time.

Scan App to buy

These mobile app ideas will allow you to scan the items you want. Then it finds them or the nearest substitute on online stores so you can buy them instantly. That is one of the potential mobile app development ideas in 2021. What an attractive idea!

Health Care App

The more modern technology is, the more critical human health is. The idea of ​​developing a mobile app that specializes in healthy lifestyles for everyone is pretty good. It is aimed at health-conscious people to track their habits. Moreover, nutritionists, pathologists, and health coaches will support and inform you with valuable knowledge in this area.

The application will be equipped with several charts to help users manage weight, sugar, heart rate, blood pressure, and menstrual cycle. Users are also equipped with their meal chart, living plan, nutrition plan according to their status. This mobile app concept will also be integrated with a chat widget allowing users to talk to the community as well as medical professionals.

Parking Finder App

This app can help people find an available parking spot in a specific location. The app can use GPS, webcam, location, and real-time parking data to find users a free parking spot right when they want it. It is one of the best mobile app development ideas that you can choose.

This app development idea is quite realistic and helpful.

App Chatbots – Automated chat tools

With the help of modern technology, you can build smart, efficient, and available chatbots 24/7 at a much lower price than hiring humans. With this Android App writing idea, you can become a startup hosting and developing chatbots for other businesses.

New Language Learning Apps

More and more people are learning new things to have a broader life experience and to improve their skills. You can take advantage by creating an app that can help users learn the A, B, C, D of new languages. This new mobile app idea in 2021 could even facilitate the use of audio features for users to learn the correct pronunciation of words.

App to find pests and take care of plants

Currently, there are many people who love flowers and ornamental plants, like to take care of bonsai at home. To help plants grow well, you need to know the information related to the tree and how to handle it when the tree has problems (pests, planthoppers ). 

Developers should consider this mobile app development idea. You can build applications that provide data on common crops and how to deal with problems and pests. Surely it will attract a lot of users.  If you are wondering which mobile app development ideas to choose, consider this idea.

Identification and diagnosis of plant pests and diseases using mobile phone applications.

Payment App UPI

UPI (Unified Payments Interface), aka Unified Payments, Interface-based payment applications. It is becoming a popular mobile app development idea nowadays. It is a real-time interbank payment system that allows to send or request money. 

Multiple bank accounts can be linked to one app and send/request money using account number/IFSC code, mobile number, virtual billing address, Aadhaar number, and even Including QR codes.

7 key steps to turn mobile app development ideas into reality

Defining goals

Businesses need to talk to a web design service provider. From there, you can identify the target customers and approach their online store. At the same time, give the criteria of the business about its online store.

Project planning 

After clearly defining the goals, businesses and web design service providers will jointly plan a website construction project. Specifically, how many pages the business website needs, how the pages will function, and the time to complete the project.

Create sitemaps and wireframes

Next, businesses and service providers will begin to build detailed sitemaps that fully show the website’s web pages and each function of each page.

Building content

It is a significant stage that determines the quality and effectiveness of the website.  The developers must optimize the content of individual pages to harmonize with the overall theme and be search engine friendly.

The content of a mobile application needs to be built logically and carefully.

Visual design

It’s time to perfect the look and feel of your website! Web design service providers will start building websites according to the standards of layout, colors, images, and styles that businesses require.

Run the mobile app 

At this stage, the app is almost ready to operate. However, you had better ensure operational efficiency and make sure that there are no errors when put into use. The business and the application must be fully operational. Web designers need to conduct a website test phase. Set the display mode so that customers can access the website. Businesses and service parties will monitor and analyze the performance of the website, thereby making reasonable adjustments and improvements.

Get the mobile app up and running

Once you’ve made sure everything is working properly, it’s time to plan and execute your website launch! Your plan should include both a launch schedule and a clear communication strategy. Specifically, when your website will officially go live and how customers will know about your website.

Above is a detailed summary of mobile app development ideas that you can consider. Omatech hopes that you will be satisfied with the information we have just shared. Have a nice day!