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Top 10 mobile app development languages you must know


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To build a perfect mobile app for your business, your team needs to choose the right programming language. In this article, we will list out the best mobile app development languages for you to consider. 


Python is a high-level programming language that can be used for developing webs, software, and apps. Developers can also use it for creating desktop GUIs, analyzing and computing scientific and numeric data. 

As you can see, this language is applied in many different sectors, that’s why it is currently taught in most schools and colleges. Python is considered to be a beautiful, readable, and simple language which is also explicit and sometimes complex.

Python is easy to learn and read

Not only is it easy to read, but it is also easy to learn, even for beginners. If you want to develop an Android app or desktop app from scratch, you should use this programming language. It has been used to create some popular apps such as Dropbox, Calibre, YouTube, Instagram, Reddit, BitTorrent, OpenStack, Quora, Spotify.


Swift is the most popular language for iOS mobile app development. It is also considered the programming language of the future. Although it is the latest language in the Apple ecosystem, it’s mainly used for writing the code for Apple’s latest APIs, Cocoa, and Cocoa Touch. 

This language is dedicated to iOS, its supporting systems, and Linux. It has been used in the development of iOS and OS X, replacing Objective – C, which used to be the primary programming language for iOS. At the moment, Swift is only available for iOS development, but it can also work for Linux as well.


JavaScript is among the most commonly used mobile app development languages 2021. It’s a high-level interpreted language that supports object-oriented and functional programming. Primarily, it wasn’t released for app development. Instead, it was used to develop and control web pages that were run by browsers. You can use JavaScript to develop a mobile app, as long as you use it with CSS, HTML, and AJAX. The reason why you should develop apps on JavaScript is that you only have to code the app once. Then you can release it on all the platforms including Android, iOS, and Windows.


Rust is known to be a safe, concurrent, and practical language that supports the functional and imperative procedural paradigm. Using this language, you can be assured of the concurrency and safety of the system. Not to mention, it will help with creating and maintaining the boundaries that preserve large-system integrity.

When using Rust, you will be able to catch the errors at the time of compilation. That means it allows the developers to write optimal code. However, this language is a little hard and confusing to install on windows.


Being one of the latest programming languages, Scala is a stable version that provides support for functional programming and a strong static-type system. Scala can address the problems faced by Java. It can also find a way around the criticisms of the software.

Scala is one of the newest mobile app development languages

Released in 2019, this language is based on Java. But it supports various functional programming features such as lazy evaluation, currying, immutability, and pattern matching.


Ruby is another object-oriented language that is very dynamic, interpreted, and supports multiple programming paradigms. It comes with a dynamic type system with automatic memory management. Using this language, you will have a standard structure for not only your mobile apps but also web apps. However, Ruby has a low run time speed, which is not ideal for most developers. Besides, it can be tough to find good documentation.


The next one in this list of mobile app development languages is GoLang, aka Go. This language was released by Google. It provides excellent support for multithreading. That’s why it’s ideally used by companies that have a strong dependency on distributed systems. In fact, Go has been the go-to programming language for startups in Silicon Valley. It offers more security, and the cleaner syntax makes it easier for people to learn.


If you are looking for the best mobile app development languages for Android apps, Java is one of them. Java can be run in two different ways – in a browser window or in a virtual machine without a browser. Although it’s not the best use for iOS mobile app development, it offers convenience while developing cross-platform apps. It was used to create NASA whirlwind, Ultra Mixer, and the Android Operating System.


R is not widely popular, but this language has some potential. R can be one of the best languages that you can use to create beautiful animations, graphs, and multiple other UI elements in your mobile app. Besides, developers can use the language for statistical computing as well. 


C++ is an extension of the C language so it has almost the same features as this language. If you find that working with C is not a big deal, you won’t have a problem with C++. Obviously, C++ is more comprehensive as it is a powerful resource that can be used in various sectors, including finance, the business of manufacturing, banking, and more.

Above are the top 10 mobile app development languages for you to consider when building your mobile app. The right language will make your app run smoothly and effectively.