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Top 5 Best Web App Development Platforms in 2021


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Before doing the work of designing web applications or writing application software, they will all be based on the characteristics of a special platform. So what are the best web app development platforms in 2021? Each foundation of the web app will create the foundation to build and develop it successfully. Therefore, developers and businesses need to consider the selection carefully.

Overview of Web App Development Platforms

What is the platform? 

Platforms are generally the means to support programmers in the process of deploying and setting up website products, web apps, and mobile applications. Therefore, Web App Development Platforms are simply understood as a solid foundation for programmers to build and develop web applications.

Web App Development Platforms are very important for any application.

The development of many modern technologies has given birth to many unique platforms with diverse features. They make the product creation process of programmers easy, saving time. On the other hand, the final web application product is more complete when finished. It also meets the standards needed in professional web design with multipurpose application design.

What is a web application?

A web application is a type of program that enables computers and mobile devices to perform a specific task that the user wants. Through the web app, users can photo sharing, shopping, convenient cash register software for sellers. The reason is that web apps are much more interactive than websites.

Web applications are a perfect choice for users in today’s ever-evolving information age.

Web app software example

To make it easier for you to visualize the web app, a simple and practical example is Excel and Google Sheet software. If Excel is part of Microsoft’s Office suite, Google Sheet is an online sheet. You can manipulate and use all the same calculation functions as excel. The difference is that the sharing and syncing ability of Google Sheet are completely higher than that of regular Excel.

Summary of the most popular Web App Development Platforms today

Ruby on Rails – The #1 Web App Development Platforms today

Ruby on Rails is a framework for web developers, especially web applications. That is the foundation that provides the structures for programmers to write code. It helps developers build websites and apps. It materializes and simplifies the repetitive tasks of building popular web applications.

Ruby on Rails is the highest rated web application development platform of 2021.

Ruby on Rails’s Framework uses the main programming language, Ruby. It is similar to Zend Framework, which is based on the PHP programming language. The Ruby programming language attracts developers because its code is easy to understand, easy to write, and perfectly logical and coherent.

One of the key principles of Ruby on Rails development (henceforth ‘Rails’) is the convention of configuration. It means that the programmer does not have to spend a lot of time reconfiguring files for setup. Rails come with a set of rules that will help developers speed up application building.


  • The programming process is much faster than with other frameworks and programming languages. The reason is that it has an extensive collection of open source code available in the Rails community.
  • It is easy for developers to switch between different Rails projects, as each project will have a tendency to follow the same structure and code.
  • Rails are good for rapid application development (RAD)
  • This web app development platform is absolutely free.


  • Boot operation is a bit slow.
  • This platform consumes quite a lot of resources.
  • Not all website servers can support Rails.


If you are looking for one of the best and free web app development platforms, AngularJS is the perfect choice for you. AngularJS is a potent development framework based on JavaScript. Besides, its chief purpose is to create Rich Internet Application (RIA) applications.

AngularJS provides developers with options to write client-side applications in the MVC (Model View Controller) model explicitly.

You have to make a clear distinction between AngularJS and Angular. AngularJS is the word used to talk about Angular 1 (born 2009), written in JavaScript. Web applications written by AngularJS are compatible with multiple versions of web browsers.


  • It is absolutely free for you.
  • It has open-source code and is popular among professional programmers.
  • High performance.


  • It’s not too safe for users.
  • AngularJS should add server-side authentication and security features that will make the application more secure. 

Overall, AngularJS is a pretty suitable framework for developers to create large web applications.


ASP.NET is a platform that supports building web applications. It is set up and developed by Microsoft. With version 1.0 of the .NET Framework, it was first released in January 2002.

The famous web application development platform from Microsoft today.

Although ASP.NET is considered an exceptional tool for creating dynamic websites as well as web applications, is also quite limited.


  • ASP.Net uses a new programming style: Code behind.
  • ASP.Net has separate code, separate interfaces.
  • Easy to read, easy to manage and maintain.
  • ASP.Net strongly supports the rich and diverse set of libraries of the .Net Framework.
  • It works with XML, Web Services, and accesses databases via ADO.Net.


  • The cost is pretty high.
  • It’s hard to write code for ASP.NET if you don’t have Visual Studio.


NodeJS is a platform built on V8 JavaScript Engine – the interpreter that executes JavaScript code. Thanks to NodeJS, developers can build web applications in a simple and easily extensible way as needed.

Web Application Development Platform- NodeJS is quite potential nowadays.

Ryan Dahl built and developed a Web App Development Platforms-NodeJS. It was born in 2009 and can run on many different operating systems: Linux, OS X, Microsoft Windows.


  • Pretty easy to learn, easy to write, and easy to read
  • Fast processing speed
  • Easy to expand
  • It is completely possible to use the entire knowledge of Javascript for the server.


  • Not suitable for CPU-intensive applications
  • With files that are too large NodeJS is most likely to hang or become unresponsive.


Symfony is a web application framework written in the PHP programming language. Unlike other frameworks like Zend or CodeIgniter, you build your libraries. Symfony consists of many different components and libraries combined into a complete system and application.

Symfony is a promising web application development platform today.

Instead of one company building one hundred percentages of the application, Symfony will integrate the best of ten companies into ten percentages of its application. That is the origin of the name Symfony. It is a symphony orchestra with a multitude of instruments, artists singing together to create a beautiful melody.


  • Users can edit the syntax easily.
  • Stable and reliable structure.
  • Symfony is an effective solution for businesses that are implementing or maintaining large or medium-sized projects.
  • Symfony is suitable for websites with high traffic.


  • Symfony’s security mechanism is a bit poor
  • The file parsing process is complex and difficult to handle.
  • It is not suitable for small projects.

Before building and developing any web app project, users need to carefully learn all the information to make a clear plan. Above are the best insights on the best Web App Development Platforms of 2021. 

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