Top best web app development environment you should know today


Every business today needs a web application to best develop their services. To develop good web applications they need a good web app development environment. Currently, there are many software that create web app development environments, especially IDEs. So what good web application development environments are there today? Follow our sharing in this article to see clearly the web development environments you need!

Why do businesses need a web application development environment?

If businesses want to develop their own web application. They need more tools to help make the web application more complete.

The web app development environment appears to be the ultimate solution. This environment contains many tools that can assist programmers in the development of software. Integrated Development Environment (IDE) software is available now.

The web app development environment help make the web application more complete

They are designed as perfect web application development environments. The IDE with its tools just makes programming more convenient, easier, and less error-prone.

Without an IDE, you can still write source code just by using the corresponding compiler of the programming language. However, this process will be very time consuming, add many complicated steps, and even be ineffective. Especially for large programs with complex structures.

Top best web app development environment

Microsoft Visual Studio

Microsoft Visual Studio is a premium IDE used to develop desktop programs, mobile applications, web applications, games and more.

Microsoft Visual Studio can operate a heavy, resource- and link-intensive project to operate

Thanks to its flexibility, Microsoft Visual Studio is a great support tool for both students and professionals. Microsoft Visual Studio can operate a heavy, resource- and link-intensive project to operate.

It also has a code editor that supports intellisense and code refactoring. Allows building applications for iOS, Android, Windows platforms smoothly. In addition, it supports up to 36 different languages ​​such as DHTML, JavaScript, Visual Basic, XAML, Visual C, etc.


  • As a large library, always growing
  • Get a custom dashboard, dockable windows
  • Simple process, easy to refactor and insert code
  • Automated tool, error list, allows debugging while programming application
  • For detailed real-time performance tracking


  • Has a high capacity, requires a lot of resources to launch
  • Takes longer on some devices


Xcode is an IDE product from Apple. The software is available in the Mac App Store and runs only on Mac operating systems.

Xcode is fully integrated with compilers, editors and other tools

It is mainly used to build OS X and iOS. The highlight of Xcode is that it is fully integrated with compilers, editors and other tools needed for application development. Xcode supports programming languages ​​including AppleScript, C, Objective-C, Java.


  • Control UI easily connects to code, can connect graphics and complex interface sketches in any code
  • Jump bar for quick navigation, assistant function for code partitioning
  • Test Navigator supports quickly testing applications at any point in the development process
  • Highly Customizable Workflows with Behaviors, Tabs, and Snippets
  • Editor includes commit timeline and log files
  • Auto build, analyze, test and archive projects thanks to integration with OS X . server


  • Only runs on Mac OS
  • A developer license is required to upload apps to the Apple Store


Netbeans is a free and open source IDE. It is rated as the best quality for Java developers and programmers. This software is used to build PC, web, and mobile applications using Java programming language.

Netbeans is rated as the best quality for Java developers and programmers

It’s also an ideal web app development environment for editing projects or starting new ones. It has great features or a multitude of convenient pre-built project templates. Although Netbeans is the official IDE for Java 8, it always comes with a Java editor. But you can still download packages that support other languages ​​like C, C, HTML5, PHP, etc.


  • Intuitive drag and drop interface, dynamic and static libraries
  • Built-in multi-version DNU debugger with code support
  • Compatible with Linux, Windows, OS X and Solaris platforms
  • Qt Toolkit support, Fortran files, Assembler
  • Supports compilers like CLang/LLVM, Cygwin, Oracle Solaris Studio, SNU, MinGW
  • Enables remote development


  • Consumes a lot of memory, so can run very slow on some machines.


Developed by Jetbrains, Pycharm offers users a free community version, with a 30-day trial. For the pro version, the annual subscription fee ranges from $213-$690.

Pycharm also supports many languages ​​such as TypeScript, Python, Coffee Script, CSS,…

What makes Pycharm a great suggestion for the best IDE location. Because it runs all major levels of Python programming thanks to its comprehensive code analysis and support capabilities. Pycharm also supports many languages ​​such as TypeScript, Python, Coffee Script, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, etc. It can run on many different platforms so anyone can use it.


  • Google App Engine Support
  • Customizable interface with VIM . emulation
  • Compatible with multiple platforms Windows, Linux, Mac OS
  • Comes with Django IDE
  • Built-in JavaScript, Python, Django debuggers


  • Pycharm still has some basic bugs that can’t be fixed, such as the autocomplete feature sometimes not working.

IDEs are software web app development environments. They can provide the most favorable development environment for enterprise web applications. Therefore, businesses need to find them a suitable web application development environment.

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