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Web app development best practices you should know


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An impressive web application should come with web app development best practices. If your app has better performance, accessibility, functionality, tools, security, your business will reach customers more quickly. So, what web app development best practices are there? We will share with you in this article!

Make the web load faster

Web loading speed is what determines whether your web application is of a good kind or not. If the browsing speed is slow, it will cause a lot of problems. It wastes the user’s time. No one likes to wait, especially in this age of technology.

Web loading speed is what determines whether your web application is of a good kind or not

Many visitors are likely to abandon web applications that take longer than 3 seconds to load. They think that such slow loading will take time to capture their information.

In addition, famous search engines like Google will also rank websites by loading speed. If you have a slow web application. You won’t have any competitive advantage.

Therefore, businesses need to increase the loading speed of web applications. When the website has a fast speed, it will receive the love of customers. They can improve web speed by compressing resources, implementing CDNs, and caching.

Build responsive web apps

In addition to improving access speed for the web. Businesses need to seriously improve web responsiveness.

Not a single customer when visiting the website encounters a “not responding” case that feels satisfied. They will get a bad impression and even abandon your website.

Build responsive web app increases accessibility and user experience

Responsive web design makes it easier for developers to improve all aspects of the web. It is also a tool to help your web application display well on both computers and phones. It increases accessibility and user experience.

Centralize web application security features

Security and privacy are always issues that users care about. They will not join any website that is not secure.

Enterprises should use the latest encryption mechanism to ensure the security of all data. Make sure you can eliminate all web application vulnerabilities. Completely block external attacks.

Businesses should also regularly check security and make upgrades. Any security holes or issues must be addressed immediately.

Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence(AI)

A chatbot is a computer program that enables text- or call-based conversations. Chatbots are often used to create a dialog with customers as a means of providing information or customer support.

Most chatbots are accessed through virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa. Through messaging apps like Facebook Messenger or through individual organizations’ apps and websites.

Chatbots are often used to create a dialog with customers

Because of their effectiveness, chatbots are giving a boost to organizations developing their customer service strategies. With a chatbot, they can quickly access the services and information of interest.

Chatbots are instant customer service. It is also a connection tool between customers and businesses.

Enhanced Typography Improvement

Basically Typography is an artful combination of typefaces, point size, line length, leading (line spacing), letter-spacing (tracking). In order to give the viewer the most readable feeling, highlight the content, and convey the designer’s intention to the reader.

Typography design is a pretty popular artistic trend in web applications. It enables development for Online Marketing activities, Online Marketing campaigns, designs.

Beautiful images become an important factor. The new form of expression for ordinary letters will make a good impression on readers.

Typography is a perfect solution to express and turn quality content into commercial products. They have the ability to attract readers more, more attractive. At the same time, they will increase interaction in traditional marketing activities.

Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology opens a new trend for fields such as finance and banking, logistics, electronics and telecommunications, accounting and auditing…

Businesses need to build blockchain networks for their web applications to keep up with the trend

Not only that, Blockchain is also the core of the Internet of Things (IoT). Electronic devices can communicate securely and transparently. The nefarious efforts in the Internet world will not work.

Currently, there are many large companies and corporations that are building their own Blockchain network. So we will soon see how this can make waves in the future.

Businesses need to build blockchain networks for their web applications to keep up with the trend. At the same time satisfy the technology needs of users. It also helps the web application to create more features and tools.

Push notification development

Push notifications help your website interact with users more. They can receive notifications from your website such as: promotions, discounts, new product announcements, etc. You can pull users to your website more and more often thanks to the notifications. newspaper.

The great thing is that with PWA web applications, Push Notifications are quite useful. It helps to give users a feeling like they are using a native mobile app. They do not need to visit the website and can still receive notifications from the website (they have been allowed to receive notifications before).

All web applications must be developed holistically. It is a tool to communicate and update information. At the same time bring value to both customers and businesses. In this article, we have shared with you web app development best practices. Hopefully, our shares are useful to you!