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Web application development Python vs Java-What are the differences?


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Developers have some good options when choosing the right programming language for web app development. It can be confusing for those who don’t have much knowledge about programming. In this article, we will differentiate the two most popular programming languages, Python and Java. They can both do most of the tasks, but there are some key differences between web application development Python vs Java. Read on to find out!

What is Java?

Java is a programming language that has a range of potential uses, it is a statically typed, object-oriented, and concurrent language. Java is capable of running on any platform and with as few dependencies as possible. This programming language also comes with the help of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

Python and Java are both popular programming languages

What is Python?

Python can also be used for different purposes, but it’s a dynamically-typed language. Python is meant to be a higher-level language that was designed to bridge the gap between C and the shell with its syntax is readable and clean. 

The differences between Python and Java

Web application development Python vs Java is quite different. That’s because these two languages don’t perform in the same way.


If you try to compare these two language’s speeds, you can’t. Because they have only semantics. But as for the speed of the development process, Python is the winner because it has a clean and object-oriented design. Not only does it offer faster processes, but also higher productivity.


Both Java and Python are among the three most popular programming languages, so it’s hard to choose which is the most popular one. Before Javascript came in, Java was at the top of the list and it has remained popular for a long time.

Python, on the other hand, doesn’t have a long history as Java does. But it has gained popularity quickly in recent years. According to Stackoverflow’s survey in 2018, Python was the fastest-growing programming language. Java and Python are getting closer and closer in this competition.


When an app is written in Python, developers don’t need to determine variable types, because it’s the interpreter’s job to infer these types and make the checks at runtime. That means Python’s syntax is much easier. In addition, Python follows indentation rules and it doesn’t use enclosing braces, which is convenient for beginners because the code is quite easy for them to read.

Python’s syntax is easier to work with

However, Java follows strict syntax rules, so when you write this language, you need to explicitly declare your variable types. Not to mention, the code will not compile so newcomers will find this language difficult to learn and work with. A good point about Java is its clarity, but the indentation rules, especially with large codebases might make developers feel uncomfortable.

Jobs opportunity

When it comes to programming jobs, no matter if you are excellent with Java or Python, you can find an ideal position with a good paycheck. As these two languages are very popular, finding a job as a software developer and building a career is not a challenge. 

So don’t worry about the availability of jobs or human resources when choosing one of these programming languages. Instead, you should choose the one that feels easier for you.

Web application development Python vs Java in various fields

Although both Java and Python can be used for game development and machine learning, they are not the most ideal options in these areas. They are the best competitors when it comes to web development.

Developers are using both languages in backend web development. For those who don’t know, this is the branch of web development where you create the software that will run on the server. It’s one of the most popular development fields for developers.

It’s extremely difficult to write backend technology from scratch and make sure it’s secure, reliable, and effective. Usually, developers create frameworks that have an abstraction in software because they can build backend technology without reinventing the wheel.

For Python, Flask and Django are the two most well-known frameworks. While Flask gives you the basic functionalities such as routing requests without much overhead, Django comes with more features and can help you build a powerful backend. 

At the same time, Django capitalizes on efficiency and security. In addition, this framework has a powerful ORM layer which makes dealing with databases and performing different operations on the data much easier.

On the other hand, Spring is the most popular framework for Java. It comes with a massive ecosystem and a large community. Many organizations like Orange, Dell, and GE are using Spring. This is a great option to build an app for your enterprises.

So can you differentiate web application development Python vs Java now? And which programming language is suitable for building your web app? Hopefully, you have found your answers!