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What are the most popular web app development languages?


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Even if you are not a developer, there is some basic knowledge about web app development you should know to have a better plan for your business and marketing strategies. With that said, this article will provide the most commonly used web app development languages and what to consider when choosing one. 


This is one of the most popular web app development languages that make up the layout and structure of your website. HTML is a dynamic language and it helps you create a stunning website without using a lot of code. Usually, developers use HTML to create a starting point for the website. This web application development language’s popularity is undeniable and it is what most of your static pages start from. In simple words, imagine this language as the skeleton that holds your website together.

It’s important to choose the right web app development language

2. CSS

When you want to style your website, you use CSS. This style sheet language describes how your website is presented and its layout. Along with HTML, CSS is also used to add colors, backgrounds, layouts, font sizes, and more to your website. These two are the main web app development languages used to design and build websites.


Among many different languages for web app development, Java is used to develop games, website content, apps, and software. Java is mostly used when Android apps are produced. According to some studies, Java is being used in more than 15 billion devices. Besides, the Java language is portable and it can be run on multiple software platforms.


There are many aspects of web development that JavaScript can be used for. One of them is to add more interactive elements to the websites. In addition, some developers use JavaScript language to help your business engage better with users, which is an important factor that can contribute to the success of your business. 


Python uses simple and straightforward syntax, that’s why it is one of the easiest languages to use and work with. It can be used to create a framework for any website. Most web developers find this language simple and easy to work with as well as to explain to their users. You must know famous sites like Instagram and Pinterest. They are using this language.

6. SQL

When your website needs to compute a huge amount of data, you need to use a language like SQL. Not only does this language allow you to gather data from different databases, but you can also use it to cater your website to your target audience. However, it doesn’t work alone. Most web developers use this language with others to get the most out of customer database and website development.

7. PHP

This is one of the web app development languages that is often used on data-heavy websites or for app development. The main reason is that it can be easily modified so whenever your business or website needs to expand, it can satisfy your needs. Some large websites that are using PHP to manage and process their data include WordPress and Facebook.

Popular websites like Facebook use PHP language

8. .NET

.NET is a framework that works with some web programming languages such as C#, VB.NET, and F#. It provides programming guidelines that are very helpful when developing different applications, including web apps, mobile apps to Windows-based apps. Also, this framework has support for simple and complex data structures because it comes with a huge collection of predefined class libraries (pre-written code).

What needs to be considered when choosing a language for your site?

Understanding that many of you want to make a web application development languages comparison, we will provide some factors to consider so that you know how to choose the right language for your website. In fact, no language is better or worse than another. It just depends on which task they perform better. 


This refers to how easy a language is to understand, use, and write. If you want to know whether the language you used is effective, just look at how expressive your website will be. It’s important to be able to add some design elements to the site in an easy way. And you want to use a language that doesn’t take a lot of time for you to think about how to expand upon the code to grow or update the website.


The reliability of the language decides how reliable the functionality of your website can be. The code needs to protect your website and customers. That’s why reliable code is very important.


When it comes to building a website, developers need to consider the amount of traffic that site will receive. Besides, any activities users will be doing when visiting the site are also taken into consideration. That means the code needs to operate consistently throughout the visitor’s time and it has easy optimization to different servers and browsers.

So now you know different web app development languages and what to consider when choosing one for your site. Make a wise decision or let Omatech help you!