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What influences the cost of mobile app development?


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Mobile app development cost is one of the most important things to consider before starting your app development project. Not only should you estimate the cost of mobile app development, but you should also determine other costs that are associated with it. In this article, we will help you find out the factors that determine mobile app development price.

Estimating the cost of mobile app development

When estimating the cost of mobile app development, you will realize that this process involves many factors that influence a final cost. Let’ take a look at these app development budget forming factors:

App functionality and purpose

This factor refers to the functions that an app will be capable of doing for its users.

Mobile platforms and devices are supported

There are different operating platforms for apps, so your app can be developed for iOS only or it will also have an Android / Windows Mobile version. In addition, the cost also depends on what types of devices it supports, such as iPhone or Samsung.

Many factors contribute to the cost of mobile app development

Integration points

Will your app be integrated with third party apps or will it work independently? That’s also an important factor that affects the cost of mobile app development.

Use of visual objects

The more complex the visual objects inside of an app is, the higher the cost can be.  

Use of a smartphone hardware features

These smartphone features are packed into smartphones or tablet computers such as GPS navigation, NFC technology, motion co-processor and other technologies. Some apps will use these features, some don’t.

Maintenance plan

It will be a mistake if you think that everything is done once your mobile app is built. In fact, it will require technical support from its developer afterwards.

Factors that influence the cost of mobile app development

To know how much exactly your app costs, you need to consider these factors:

Identify what type of app you’re building

Each type of app is at a different price range. The more features you require your app to have, the more expensive it will be. So if you just need a basic app, you can get it done with a low budget. Some basic features such as a calculator, stopwatch, or timer are pre-installed on devices. They are simple and easy to develop with the basic programs.

However, if you want to build an app with some complex features like it can process payments, sync with the Internet, use real-time GPS, or link with other app users, you are expected to spend more.

Complex apps cost more than simple apps

The reason why it costs more to build complex apps is because the development is more complicated, and it also requires other costs that relate to design, back end development, security, architecture and testing. For example, if you are going to build a gaming app, the design will be much more expensive than that of a flashlight app.

Besides, you can choose to add some categories to your app, including music, navigation, news, books, education, photo & video, lifestyle, health and fitness, travel, sports or social media.

When you identify the type of app that you are going to build, make sure to stick with it if you don’t want the cost to increase. For instance, if you add some app features like push notifications or app design elements that you didn’t intend to, the cost of mobile app development could easily rise up 3x, 5x. 

Have good knowledge about the mobile app development process

You also need to understand the development process to know more about your mobile app development cost breakdown. If you don’t know how to write code, you can hire a reliable mobile app development company with experienced developers to help you.

Of course it is going to cost you money. However, with the right developers you hire, you can get it done quickly with minimum mistakes. And the cost to hire an app developer or to use a mobile app development service varies depending on the location.

For affordable options, you should opt for India or Vietnam. These markets provide excellent services with reasonable price ranges. So if you are willing to outsource development overseas, you’ll find a cheaper hourly rate.

However, there are some risks associated such as language barrier, remote management that can affect deadlines and may change the cost. If you have problems communicating with the developers, your project is going to take more time to build, and therefore, it’s going to be more expensive. 

Who is building your mobile app?

As you determine the location, you still need to decide who you trust to build your mobile app. Your options include a freelancer, a small app development company or a big corporation. 

And obviously the cost of mobile app development is different depending on who you hire. With Omatech, you will be able to build a mobile app in less time and at a lower cost and with minimum risks. 

With a specific mobile app development budget, you are going to have plenty of options to build a good app for your business. So make sure to consider all factors above and be wise with your decision!