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What should you know about blockchain development in Java?


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Blockchain is one of very few technologies that is almost impossible to navigate. That’s also what makes it different from other technologies. Because of its benefits, businesses are implementing Blockchain development so that they can secure their data better, and take advantage of this innovative software technology. In this article, we will be focusing on Blockchain development in Java. Read on!

Blockchain projects for Java developers

In a simple way, you can see Blockchain as a combination between existing technologies and human behavior. For those who are knowledgeable about information technology, they know what they are doing with Blockchain. And it’s understandable that they foresee what Blockchain brings to the table.

Blockchain technology is implemented in every industry sector

In the development sector, it’s a little bit different. For example, we are so used to Java, or .NET as the main languages. However, Blockchain development using Java is not common. In fact, some other languages like Go, C are more popular in Blockchain development from the beginning. Of course, things are changing now.

There are a lot of Blockchain projects and components that can be written in Java or can be easily handled by Java developers, which we will look into as below.

So if you are a Java developer and you are looking for some projects relating to blockchain development in java , you have come to the right place. Check out the most popular open source blockchain projects for you as a Java developer.


Corda is known as a JVM-based project that could easily be a perfect starting point for a Java developer. This project builds on top of leading Java projects, including Hibernate, Apache Artemis, Jackson, and some others. The inspiration for Corda is Bitcoin, however, it also comes with some elements of business processes. Once you get started with this project, you will find some familiar concepts such as messaging.


Among many projects of blockchain development in Java, Pantheon is considered as a full implementation of the Ethereum node. It’s an ideal option for Java developers to step into the world of Blockchain development using Java. And don’t be worried if you haven’t worked on this type of project before, there is a getting-started video for any beginners.


This is by far one of the most popular implementations of the Bitcoin protocol that relates to Java. It’s specifically dedicated to Java developers who are into working with Bitcoin directly. And this project will surely offer developers a lot to explore.


When it comes to Blockchain development Java, this project helps you connect to Ethereum nodes. Web3j is extremely active and straightforward with Ethereum-compatible nodes, which is a little bit different compared to Corda or Pantheon.

Hyperledger Fabric Java SDK

Hyperledger is undoubtedly a leading enterprise project for Blockchain. And this specific one is a full-featured Java SDK. It’s worth a try for Java developers.


This is an end-user application using Java as its language. Unlike other projects, this one is fully written in Java and it’s an open source funding platform and allows you to work with the Ethereum network.

What problems can be solved with Blockchain technology?

So you might wonder why blockchain development in java is becoming popular. The main reason is because it can help solve a lot of problems. 

Ensuring the safety of bank deposits

Fraud is one of the biggest challenges for banks. These financial entities lose huge amounts of money every year because of hackers and cyber criminals. Therefore, Blockchain, with its nature, will enhance the safety for banks. 

Blockchain secures the banking system

If their customers switch to a blockchain wallet, their accounts will be more secure as these wallets have a unique identification number. They also access the money with a private key, which means the funds can not be disposed of by strangers, even the banks. These features help improve the security of cryptocurrencies  and the deposits will be securely protected.

Safer cloud storage 

If you store data on cloud storage that uses centralized servers, it will be extremely difficult for hackers to attack. In this fast changing world, we can’t use traditional methods to protect data, because they are not helpful anymore. It’s easy for criminals to steal information from the entire network once they get access to it. That’s why cloud storage using Blockchain technology will be much more secure.

Faster goods transportation 

It’s important to organize the transport of goods if you work in the logistic field. The main reason is that you could easily track the goods whenever you need. And Blockchain makes this process more transparent for you. It can record continuously in decentralized registers, which means you can reduce the risks of delays when it’s done by humans.

So you have learned some basic things about Blockchain development in Java. If you are into this technology but not sure where to start, it’s time to look for blockchain development tutorial java. Or contact our Omatech team for help!