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What should you know about mobile app development backend?


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When building a mobile app for your business, you will have to make a few decisions. One of them is whether your mobile app needs a backend. In this article, we will provide all the information you need to know about mobile app development backend.

What is the backend for a mobile app?

Mobile app development backend refers to an additional application for your mobile app. Unlike frontend, this section is a piece of software that operates very differently. It runs on remote machines which are also known as servers. 

You can access the backend through the internet via API and it will be used by other apps called frontend apps. The purpose of mobile app development backend is to perform remote tasks that are impossible for the frontend apps.

A backend is needed for your app to perform better

Does your mobile app require a backend?

So how do you know whether your app needs a backend? In most cases, if you are building a business app, you will need a backend for it. However, it doesn’t have to be a complex one, a backend can be as simple as a small service.

For those who are not very knowledgeable about technology, you will need to consult with a mobile app expert from reliable agencies like Omatech. Our company’s developers are experienced and they can provide you the right answer after a quick survey and the description of your mobile app.

However, if you want to try to find the answer on your own, you can start with these questions below.

Can your app function without the Internet?

As the mobile app development backend is the software that supports the frontend application access through the internet. Obviously you can’t download an app without the internet, but your app might not need it for running. While the internet is required for most mobile apps, some others can work completely offline. 

If your app is one of those apps that doesn’t need the internet connection, it doesn’t need a backend to function either. On the other hand, if your app can’t work without the internet, it will definitely need a backend or some backend. Once you figure out that a backend is required, you will need to learn which kind of backend you need. 

Some mobile apps that need no backend

There are some apps that function without the need of a backend on your phone, including: 

The Calculator app: This app is used for basic mathematical operations. Users can use it on their phones without the need of any backend here.

The Measure app: With this app, you can measure anything you want just by using your phone. There is no need for a ruler to calculate square meters of your room. And of course, it doesn’t require a backend to function. 

The Camera app: This is one of the mostly used apps on the smartphone. By default, it is built-in on each phone and can be used to take photos or record movies. All of the functions don’t require a backend. Although it might need a backend to store backups, you don’t need it to take a picture. 

The Calculator app offers basic functions without the need of a backend

Voice recorder: Users can use this app to record their voice via the smartphone’s microphone. The app stores recordings on the local storage of the device, so a backend is not required. 

Some apps that require a backend

Mobile app development backend is required for some apps that need a back office, a web page, an admin panel or any place to manage its content. For example:

The Zalando app: This is actually an online store that allows users to browse through a list of products. This list needs to be managed by app administrators via a system (back office). They can add new products, remove old products, etc… 

The Netflix app: This is a popular video on-premise app which has its videos managed with an admin panel.

The Stock app: This app shows data which needs updates everyday. That’s why it needs a backend. 

The Weather app: This app allows users to check the daily weather in your city. Therefore, the backend is needed to fetch fresh data for upcoming days.

The Messenger app: This app allows users to communicate with friends via instant messages.

Some other apps that need a backend to function are a bank app, apps for business and organizations. The backend will allow you to collect data about your users, to support users with some useful and convenient functions, and to improve user’s experiences when using your app.

As you can see, mobile app development backend is helpful for your mobile app. Compared to apps that work without a backend, the others definitely have more functionality. Hope you have figured out whether your app needs a backend as well as understand why your app needs one.