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Why Should You Choose Blockchain Development Using C#?


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Programming languages ​​play a significant role in Blockchain development. Each programming language has its strengths. Therefore, it is very beneficial to find a specific direction for yourself early. If you don’t know which programming language to choose, starting with Blockchain Development Using C# is a pretty good idea. Why C#? Let’s explore some of the reasons that make C# a must-have language.

Overview of C# (C Sharp)

What is C#?

C# (or C sharp) is an uncomplicated programming language, in the top 10 most popular Blockchain development languages ​​in 2021. Microsoft’s talented team of engineers built and developed this programming language in 2000. 

In the opinion of the world’s top programmers and developers, C# is the modern programming language. This programming language is aimed at many different audiences, especially Blockchain development. Two of today’s most potent languages, Java and C++ are the foundation of the C#.

C# language is one of the best Blockchain development languages ​​today.

The unique features of C# programming language

  • C# is a simple language

Languages ​​like Java and c++ are quite confusing and complex. However, the C# language got rid of them to become a simpler programming language. C# is made simpler by eliminating virtual base classes, macros, multiple inheritance, and templates.

The C# language is also simple because the two platforms C and C++ have created a premise for C Sharp to develop. If you are a developer familiar with C++, Java, or C language, you will find Blockchain development with C# quite simple. 

The appearance, interface design, operators, syntax, and expressions of C# will make it as easy as pie. Besides, some other functions of C# also refer to C and C++ languages. However, C# developers have improved it and made it an easier means of programming for users.

  • C# is a modern programming language

The reason is that C# has the main features that users always want in a modern language. They are automatic memory collection, exception handling, source code security, and extended data types.

If you are a newbie to programming, you may find them quite confusing and confusing. However, you need to invest time and effort to study any one programming language. Therefore, you will not find the C# language so difficult anymore.

  • C# is a pure object-oriented programming language

Object-oriented programming is a programming method that has four basic properties. These are inheritance, encapsulation, abstraction, and polymorphism. Thanks to these features, developers can conduct blockchain development using c# more efficiently.

C# is a pure object-oriented programming language
  • C# is a keyword limited language

Most keywords in the C# language are used to describe information briefly. Many people think that the programming language with more keywords will be more optimal. However, this is not entirely true. Why? Because of the C# programming language, developers can perform any task even if the number of keywords is limited.

The main pros and cons of C Sharp

The main advantages of C#

  • C Sharp is easy to learn and understand.
  • C Sharp helps create simple and effective programs and applications.
  • C Sharp can compile on many different computer platforms.
  • C Sharp has the same language structure as the traditional language. Therefore, users are also quite easy to access and learn quickly with C#.
  • C Sharp is part of the .NET Framework. That’s why it has a pretty big backing coming from this part.
C Sharp is a part of the .NET Framework famous in the world.
  • C Sharp is developed based on Java and C++, so it has many advantages of those languages.
  • C# has the Visual Studio IDE and many powerful plug-ins.
  • C# has the ability to interpret bytecode, to be compiled by the CLR, to larger binaries.

Projects wrote in C# include:

  • Stratis is a Blockchain-as-a-Service provider supported by Microsoft. They allow businesses to build their blockchain systems.
  • NEO is written in C#. However, it also supports many other programming languages ​​such as Python, Javascript, Go, and Java.

Thanks to these outstanding advantages, developers often consider Blockchain Development Using C#.

The main disadvantages of C#

  • The biggest disadvantage of C# is that it only runs on Windows and has the .NET Framework installed. Hardware operation is weaker than in other languages, most have to rely on windows.
  • Average performance.

The basic Blockchain Development Tutorial C#

The principal purposes:

  • Create the simplest Blockchain system.
  • Create a simple mining (poor of work) system.
  • Discover more about Blockchain.
  • Knowledge to prepare: OOP, know a target-oriented language
Using C# language for Blockchain development is also a good choice.

Step 1: Making the Blockchain

A blockchain is a list, a chain of blocks. A blockchain is just a chain/list of blocks. Each block in the blockchain will contain its digital signature, the digital signature of the block before it, and the block’s data (transaction data is an example).

Make the Blockchain development easier with C#.

Each block not only contains the hash of the previous block, but it also contains its hash, which is calculated based on the hash of the previous block. If the previous block data is changed (block A), this will change the hash of block A. The reason is that the hash is calculated based on this data.

That results in a change in the hash of all blocks in the chain. The calculation and comparison help us to detect any changes in the blockchain.

What does this mean? When you change the data of one block, it will lead to changing the data of many blocks and leading to chain changes.

Step 2: Add Block class to build Blockchain

Step 3: Proceed to create a digital signature

  • Create class HashSha256, apply the sha256 algorithm to generate strings.
  • Then go back to the Add Block class and the hash function.
  • Add function ‘this.hash = CalculateHash’ to make sure other data is inited before calling the function.

Step 4: Check Blockchain Integrity

We will write a boolean IsChainValid() method in the program.cs file. The previous method will loop through all the blocks in the chain and compare the hashes. This method will need to check the hash variable comparing it to the computed hash string. Next, it compares the hash from the previous block with the previous hash variable.

Step 5: Let’s start mining blocks

We will ask the miner to mine by making them try different variables in the block until the hash string starts with the value 0. Why 0? You can convention be anything, depending on your genesis hash. In this case, we choose 0.

Finding out about C Sharp has never been easier than it is now. In addition to Microsoft’s rich and regularly updated documentation, there is always a large community of C# developers and programmers coming together to help and exchange experiences. 

Many Youtube channels or forums, personal blogs share all valuable information of C# programming for beginners to experts.  For more detailed and easy-to-understand Blockchain Development Tutorial C#, you can learn on the above pages. 

We have just shared with you the most detailed information about Blockchain Development Using C#. We hope that you will have a better understanding of Blockchain Development with C# through this article. If you want to learn more valuable solutions about Blockchain technology and development, visit Omatech’s Blog section. We wish you have a great experience at Omatech.